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Accelerate Your Career at the Advanced Sales and Use Tax Workshop

Have you reached a point in your career where you’re looking to explore expert-level concepts?


Are you looking for ways to not just improve processes, but streamline your entire department so that you are operating at the highest efficiency, effectiveness, and  accuracy?


Do you know the fundamentals about nexus, drop shipments, compliance and other sales and use tax concepts and are looking for those deeper nuances to really increase profitability for your company?


Are you ready to truly specialize and take on stronger leadership positions that allow you to demand better titles, pay, and positions with your master level knowledge?


Imagine if you could achieve all of this and more all with a support group of like-minded professionals in just 3 days.


Advanced Sales and Use Tax is an intimate boutique-style workshop designed for sales tax specialists in corporate or consulting environments. It is limited only to individuals who have 4 or more years experience in sales and use tax.


Advanced is unlike any other high-level training opportunity out there.


This in-person intensive workshop involves round tables, lively discussions, case study breakdowns, and deep-dives into advanced topics where we help solve your toughest sales and use tax issues.


It isn’t a huge seminar or conference where you’re one of thousands and can’t guarantee what the quality of the sessions will be.


Advanced is an expert-led symposium limited to a small number of professionals.


In short, we will help you take that next leap in your career development and your company in just three days.


The Advanced curriculum is determined by what is most important in the field today. Each year is different and our discussions and training include the newest legislation and laws that may be affecting you.


We will also show you the practical application of those concepts in your day-to-day, for yourself and your team, so that your department performs at a higher level and your company reduces expenses.




All Advanced attendees receive the Sales and Use Tax Reference Workbook that includes hundreds of pages of guidelines, rules, laws, and regulations that you can keep at your desk and use for years to come.




A complimentary welcome dinner with all expenses paid for all attendees.




Advanced is worth 23 CPE hours so you can stay on top of your credits easily

"Diane's course for Advanced Sales Tax was very well put together. It provided industry-specific detail and real-time information and updates in legislation. The information and knowledge gained from this was invaluable, as it will help my company make proper decisions for current tax situations...I loved the group of people that we spent time with as well, it was great to network with like-minded individuals in an upbeat professional setting!" - Krista C., MST, Senior Tax Specialist


"I attended the Advanced Sales Tax Workshop and was extremely satisfied with my experience. In addition to providing valuable sales and use tax education and updates, the workshop gave me an opportunity to speak one-on-one with professionals and instructors. This was greatly beneficial to me as I gained insight on how to resolve outstanding issues for my clients. I highly recommend both Diane and the Advanced Workshop with Sales Tax Institute." - Americo R., MST, State & Local Tax Consultant


"I attended the Advanced Sales Tax Institute this year and found it to be very informative. I highly recommend it to sales tax practitioners, especially since the experience level in the class allows for in-depth discussion of a broad range of real world issues." - Katherine G., Senior Manager, STS-Salt




Contact us if you’re not sure if Advanced is right for you, your team or if you need help making the case to your supervisor. We’ll work with you to help you get the best education solution you need!


Attend Advanced and start your career transformation now. 

NOTE: We do not accept registrations from government auditors.


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"Excellent speakers! And class interaction always adds to my enjoyment and education."
– Judy Spinelli, Nestle Purina PetCare Company

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