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How Sales Tax Has Evolved for Online Sellers (And What is Coming Next)

One of the most important (and potentially nerve-wracking) developments in sales and use tax over the last several years is the evolution of how states are targeting online sellers. And for good reason… there’s a lot at stake here. 
According to a
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This U.S. Supreme Court Case Could Change Everything

You may not know it, but we are on the cusp of one of the most important court decisions regarding sales tax in decades. This case is such a big deal that its ramifications could send shockwaves through the sales and use tax world and permanently change the way we think about sales tax nexus.

I’m referring to South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc., which is shaping up to be the new

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The Top 3 2018 Sales Tax Changes Companies Must Know

Sales and use tax is always evolving. 
It evolves to keep up with new industries, to meet the changing needs of a state, or one of countless other factors. It’s a complex thing. And that means we’re always on the lookout for new sales tax trends across the states. 
2018 is certainly no exception
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Farewell 2017; Here’s to you 2018!

This was supposed to be a “December” article – but the month was just crazy – so here I am on New Year’s Day 2018 reflecting on 2017 as well as looking ahead to 2018.  What a year it has been - hasn’t it?

So much has happened in the sales tax world, our heads were spinning here at the Sales Tax Institute – things that could have lasting consequences in how we manage sales tax.  The

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3 Automated Sales Tax Functions That Can Save You Time and Money

Automation and technology has been swiftly changing the way that businesses handle sales tax processes.

Good thing!

It can often feel like there simply isn’t enough time or resources to stay on top of all your sales and use tax compliance obligations.

You may not have enough staff to manage sales and use tax

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