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Farewell 2017; Here’s to you 2018!

This was supposed to be a “December” article – but the month was just crazy – so here I am on New Year’s Day 2018 reflecting on 2017 as well as looking ahead to 2018.  What a year it has been - hasn’t it?

So much has happened in the sales tax world, our heads were spinning here at the Sales Tax Institute – things that could have lasting consequences in how we manage sales tax.  The

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3 Automated Sales Tax Functions That Can Save You Time and Money

Automation and technology has been swiftly changing the way that businesses handle sales tax processes.

Good thing!

It can often feel like there simply isn’t enough time or resources to stay on top of all your sales and use tax compliance obligations.

You may not have enough staff to manage sales and use tax

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Feeling Grateful

‘Tis the season to be thankful and to express our gratitude to those around us. Looking around, I am grateful for many things. I wanted to share with all of our Sales Tax Institute readers what I’m thankful for this season.


First and foremost, I want to thank all our amazing students. Without you, there would be no Sales Tax Institute. For over 20 years, so many of you have trusted us to help you master sales and

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Sales Tax Exemptions: Are You Asking These Important Questions?

There are two sides to every story, and sales tax exemptions are no exception. It may appear that the person who holds the most responsibility for handling sales tax exemptions correctly is the person who is making the tax-exempt purchase. But as with all things sales tax, it is rarely that simple. Sellers who accept exemption certificates have

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Reporting Requirements – The Next Big Trend in Remote Seller Legislation

There has been a lot of focus recently on remote seller nexus and collection responsibility.  The MTC Online Seller Amnesty program has brought this issue to the forefront.  But what hasn’t gotten as much attention is the Notice and Reporting legislation. 


Reporting and notice requirements legislation isn’t a new trend in sales and

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