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Software Exemptions That You Might Not Think Of

Figuring out how sales and use tax applies to software purchases can be very tricky. There are so many factors that can determine whether the purchase is taxable or exempt. How is the item characterized? How was it delivered – in physical form, electronically or remotely accessed? And you need to realize that every state taxes software transactions in their own unique way – no two

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Hot topics at 2017 Advanced & Basics

In late June, we wrapped up our 2017 Basics of Sales and Use Tax course in Chicago. In May, we held our 2017 Advanced Sales and Use Tax Workshop in Scottsdale, Arizona. As happens every year, I was blown away by the insights, questions and comments from the attendees at our two in person events.


What did I hear from this year’s attendees? What are the topics that are keeping

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Soda Taxes: A New Trend Across the States

On June 5, 2017, Seattle enacted a new sweetened beverage tax, commonly referred to as a “soda tax.” If this were an isolated incident of a jurisdiction passing this type of tax, it wouldn’t be very newsworthy. But Seattle is just the latest in a string of major cities that have proposed and enacted a soda tax since November 2016.


This trend has been picking up steam and could continue to

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Sales Tax Insights with Faculty Member Jennifer Zimmerman

Welcome to the latest in our ongoing series of Sales Tax Institute faculty member profiles! I recently sat down to talk sales tax with Jennifer Zimmerman, who is the Manager of State Tax Audits and Appeals for Walgreen Co.


Jennifer is a more recent addition to the Sales Tax Institute faculty team. She first co-taught with me in early 2016

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Rentals & Leases: How Does Sales Tax Apply to Them?

It’s easy to get confused when it comes to the sales

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