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Holiday Shopping Season is Here! Here’s What Retailers Need to Know

The holiday shopping season is here! Holiday shoppers are out in force and many retailers are offering big sales through the end of the year. With the influx of holiday shoppers flooding stores, it’s important that retailers understand how to handle sales tax for a number of issues that arise at this time of year.


How exactly does sales

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Drum Roll Please! You’ve Been Asking and We’ve Got Big News!

So many of you have been sharing your interest in the ability to learn from the Sales Tax Institute – not just during our live webinars and in person classes but also at times that are more convenient for you.  We’ve heard you and have been working hard to bring your more options for sales tax education and information.


I am

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20 Years and Counting

Twenty years ago, I had a vision. I saw clearly the way in which I wanted to service clients and educate people about sales tax - with a personal touch while providing the best information available to all I met. This vision became the cornerstone of YETTER and the Sales Tax Institute. Since then, we’ve seen all sorts of ups and downs known to any small business. We’ve grown and shrunk, changed our logos, altered brand names, but during

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Why Do You Enjoy Being a Sales Tax Professional?

I posed a question on my Linked In account. I asked “What about working in sales and use tax do you enjoy most?” I was pleasantly surprised at the very thoughtful responses I received. As

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Drop Shipments: What Makes Sales Tax So Difficult?

Understanding the sales tax implications of drop shipments is a complex and frustrating issue. Drop shipments can impact virtually any individual or company purchasing goods. So many different types of businesses use drop shipments and don’t realize the impact to their business – until they get billed tax from their supplier! 


Because of the ever-changing

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