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Exemptions is a self-study, 60-minute basic course designed for individuals who need to understand the rules related to issuing and accepting exemption certificates. The course is ideal for those without significant sales tax experience who work in the finance, sales or purchasing areas in a company and who are unable to attend live sessions and/or are seeking a flexible course schedule or pace.

This course qualifies for 1 hour of CEU and requires no advance preparation or prerequisites. Course objectives:


  • Understand the different types of exempt transactions
  • Identify the types of purchasers that are typically exempt
  • Understand use-based exemptions
  • Learn what types of documentation are needed for exemptions
  • Discover how states differ in what they require for exemptions


Busy professionals appreciate the convenience of the Sales Tax Institute's online courses — the ability to take them anytime, from anywhere, to go at your own pace and reduce training costs all at once.



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