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Sales Tax Institute: Your Go-To Resource for Everything Sales Tax

As a company that focuses solely on sales and use tax education, we’ll be the first to tell you that the world of sales and use tax can be very complicated and difficult to navigate. Finding the information you need to answer your questions can be difficult. And when searching online, how can you be assured that the information you’re getting is accurate?


For the last 18 years, the Sales Tax Institute has dedicated itself to becoming the premier source of sales and use tax information for people who need help with their sales tax issues. We empower our students with sales tax expertise and teach people how to do their job – REALLY! 


So when you search online to find answers to sales tax questions, we aim to be the place you go to get the correct information. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ll help you find the best resource to fit your needs. We provide these resources in many ways.


First and foremost, we seek to educate individuals with our sales tax training courses. For beginners, we have the Introduction, Definitions and Nexus online course. This self-study course allows individuals to learn about the basic tenets of sales and use tax at their own pace.


We also offer a series of live webinars that cover a different sales and use tax topic every month. Currently scheduled webinars include Sales Tax Issues for Retailers, Effectively Managing a Sales Tax Audit, and Best Practices in Systems Implementation.  And we offer the All-Access Webinar Pass for individuals who’d like to attend a year’s worth of webinars at a discounted price.


And for those who want a more in-depth education about sales tax, our Basics of Sales & Use Tax live class provides a practical real life overview of the concepts.  This class isn’t just for dedicated sales tax specialists.  We’ve trained, controllers, accounts payable, billing and other general financial professionals.  And if you are a sales tax specialist, our Advanced Sales and Use Tax Workshop offers an interactive discussion workshop for some of the most challenging sales tax topics we face.


One of the most valuable resources we provide on our website is our Sales Tax FAQ page, where we address the most commonly asked questions that we receive about sales and use tax. Our News & Tips page provides up-to-date news items on recent developments in sales and use tax.


If you join our mailing list, you’ll receive our monthly sales tax newsletter – The Sales Tax Compass - which provides updates on the hottest topics and trends in sales tax.


Another great resource is our Links page. The Links page is a great one-stop shop for all things sales tax. On this page, we’ve included links to other resources to help you address your sales tax needs.  Here you can find links to tax resources and industry associations, government websites, tax software providers, and sales tax consulting services such as YETTER.


We also partner with other sales tax providers such as Sales Tax Support. Our sister company YETTER has partnered with Sales Tax Support to provide answers to all types of sales tax questions. If you are looking for another resource in addition to our Sales Tax FAQ page, you can check out their Sales Tax Questions page here.


In addition to all of the above resources, you can follow us on Twitter and Linked In to hear what’s happening throughout the month. You can also visit our YouTube page to see videos we’ve created to address sales tax questions.


The Sales Tax Institute aims to be your go-to resource for everything sales tax. You can rely on our sales tax experts to provide you with the information you need to address any sales tax needs you have. We’ve been empowering individuals with sales tax expertise for the last 18 years, and we look forward to being your go-to resource now and in the future!


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