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How Can Sales Tax Training Help You?

One of our core beliefs at the Sales Tax Institute is the importance of professional and personal development. Regularly taking part in training is one of the keys to a successful career.  And more specifically, taking part in sales tax training can be one of the keys to successfully navigating your career, even if you don’t work in the tax department.


In fact, many of the individuals we work with and who attend our webinars, online and live courses aren’t part of a tax department at all.  Many people don’t realize that sales and use tax can touch virtually every aspect of a business, no matter the industry.  The sales tax function doesn’t begin and end in the Tax Department. It weaves through every function in a company including sales, purchasing, receiving, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and many others.


We provide sales tax education that is tailored to individuals who work in many different industries. No matter your experience level or industry, we aim to provide the level of sales tax education that can help you to excel at your profession.


Having an understanding of some of the fundamentals of sales and use tax can go a long way.  Our online Introduction, Definitions & Nexus course is a good starting point if you’re ready to begin learning about sales and use tax. And our monthly webinars tackle new topics throughout the year, providing the opportunities to learn about more specific issues that can affect your business.


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Sales tax is a common thread that ties many departments and business functions together. Once you start learning about sales tax, you quickly realize how much it can affect what you do in your profession.


Here at the Sales Tax Institute, we believe in best-in-class practical sales tax education. Everything we offer is about making sure people have as much sales tax information as possible to empower them to not only do their current jobs but to succeed in their careers.


In addition to providing education about sales tax, we also have a number of resources that can help you stay informed.  In addition to our monthly newsletter, our Sales Tax FAQs and sales tax tips provide answers to common questions and updates on law changes, court decisions and publications produced by the states.  You can follow us on Twitter and Linked In to hear what’s happening throughout the month.  And don’t forget to visit some other areas of our website for helpful information like our State Sales Tax Rate chart, Sales Tax Holiday chart, and more.


We covered the topic of training and personal development at our 2012 Tax Leader Summit and conducted a survey of tax leaders to see if staff development is a priority at their own companies.  Only 37% of the survey respondents indicated that their company requires a set level of training per year.  This was disappointing for us to see given our strong belief in education and development. 


We co-wrote an article on our findings from the Tax Leader Summit. In that article, we maintain that development of staff through training is the foundation of a best-in-class tax department. These findings also apply to other financial functions within the business.  The article contains other takeaways as well as tips for staff training and development.


This might be a good time for you to take stock of your career and determine if training can help with your professional development. If your company doesn’t requiring training, make it a priority to inquire into their possible support of your goals. Now is as good a time as ever to pursue training opportunities that can help get you where you want to go moving forward. We look forward to continuing to provide the best sales tax resources and training available for your professional development.


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