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Introduction, Definitions and Nexus

Introduction, Definitions and Nexus is a self-study, 90-minute basic course designed for financial and operations personnel—including tax, general accounting, accounts payable, sales, tax technology, purchasing and credit—who deal with sales and use tax as part of their responsibilities. The course is also designed for general practitioners, with minimal to no experience, who are unable to attend live sessions and/or are seeking a flexible course schedule or pace.


This course qualifies for 1 hour of CEU and requires no advance preparation or prerequisites. Course objectives:


  • Understand the historical origins of sales and use tax
  • Explain the importance of nexus and how to conduct a nexus evaluation
  • Learn key definitions
  • Differentiate between the two types of use tax
  • Understand the difference between sales tax nexus and income tax nexus

Busy professionals appreciate the convenience of the online course —the ability to take it anytime, from anywhere, go at your own pace and reduce training costs all at once.


The cost of this course is $99/person

"The online Sales Tax Institute introduction course provided a very good understanding of the basics and was easy to navigate. It was a convenient way to increase my knowledge."

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