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Local Taxes - Where, What, How and Why? Webinar

There is a lot of misunderstanding about local taxes. Local taxes are not always treated as a priority by tax departments. They may seem less important and just too troublesome. And since they are often (but not always) a low percent, they just don’t make the radar. 


It can be difficult to accurately track sales and purchase data with the level of detail needed to properly administer local sales and use taxes, and tracking local tax rate changes can be a daunting task for any tax professional. Making things even more complicated, some states allow “home-rule” jurisdictions to impose different taxability rules than the state.


While letting local taxes be forgotten is understandable, it is far too risky to let these slide.


Don’t be fooled – understanding local taxes and home-rule authorities should be a priority for tax professionals. Local tax laws and procedures often differ from state-level sales and use tax laws and procedures. In fact, many local jurisdictions have different exemptions, tax bases, and forms than those of the state. These differences – along with the ambiguity inherent in local taxes - increase the complexity of complying with local sales and use tax laws and administrative procedures. Are you sure that you’re compliant with local sales and use tax laws? If not, you may have tax liabilities that you’re not aware of.


Local Taxes - Where, What, How and Why? is a 90-minute webinar taught by sales tax expert Diane Yetter of the Sales Tax Institute. This course will give you the knowledge that you may be missing about local taxes and home-rule authorities. Don’t get caught unprepared - make sure you’re handling these often-overlooked taxes correctly by attending this webinar.



Learning Objectives for this webinar include:


  • Identify the different jurisdictions that can and do impose local taxes so you can insure that you’re not missing them
  • Learn what Home-Rule means and discover which states have home-rule authorities
  • Understand the nexus issues that can arise with local taxes and home-rule authorities and know if you need to be collecting local sales or use tax
  • Understand the sourcing rules different states use for local taxes in order to eliminate confusion on this tricky subject
  • Learn how to administer local sales and use taxes the right way
  • Learn how to be in compliance for local taxes and home-rule authorities and understand what audit issues can arise so that you can speak to them confidently, even providing solutions to your executives.
  • Gain knowledge about the special rules that some states have for local taxes


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