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Basic Concepts of Drop Shipments Webinar On-Demand

This webinar is available on-demand -- watch anytime.

Drop shipments is one of the most popular topics concerning our students at the Sales Tax Institute, and with good reason. Drop shipments are particularly tricky to figure out because a number of factors come into play that make them more complicated than a regular sale.


If drop shipment transactions aren’t handled correctly, they can lead to significant financial and tax implications. Improperly handling drop shipments can affect your company’s financial stability.


Many different types of businesses use drop shipments and don’t realize the impact to their business – until they get billed tax from their supplier! Are you sure this won’t happen to you? Are you 100% clear on your drop shipment obligations so that you can go home each day, worry free?


But it isn’t all bad news. If you know how to play the drop shipments game, you can save your company huge costs!


Learn common pitfalls when dealing with drop shipments and what you can do to avoid paying the tax on your purchases – legally!


Drop shipments can create sales and use tax collection and remittance issues for all parties involved. Different states can treat drop shipment transactions differently for sales and use tax purposes. And there are many multiple factors that can alter the tax treatment of the transaction.


Basic Concepts of Drop Shipments is a 90-minute on-demand webinar taught by sales tax expert Diane Yetter of the Sales Tax Institute. The course will give you the knowledge to understand the essentials of drop shipments – how they work, what sales tax issues to be aware of, potential nexus issues, resale certificate requirements, and more.


Get the knowledge you need to know you’re handling drop shipments correctly.


The cost of this on-demand webinar is $175.


Learning Objectives for this on-demand webinar include:


  • Identify what a drop shipment transaction is and how they work so that you never have to do guesswork again
  • Understand the sales tax issues that arise with drop shipments in order to avoid surprise charges and explain true cost implications to your executives
  • Learn about resale certificate requirements and the different types of documentation you need that states will accept
  • Discover how fulfillment arrangements can create nexus and tax collection issues
  • Identify states that have special rules based on inventory location and delivery
  • Learn which states require tax calculation on a price other than the wholesale price so that you are totally accurate every time



The cost of this on-demand webinar is $175.

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