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Sales Tax Challenges with Services Webinar

Our economy has moved from one of buying and selling goods to one of buying and selling services – or things that are like services.  State sales tax bases have shrunk – resulting in either increased sales and use tax rates or increased taxation of services and other items. Knowing which states have taken the approach of taxing more services is critical to understand.


States either tax services under a gross receipts type of structure where everything is taxed that isn’t specifically exempted or because they statutorily impose tax on specific services. One of the challenges with services is knowing which state has the right to tax a service – the state where the service is performed or the state where the benefit is received. These complexities can be difficult to understand, and they make sales tax on services a real challenge. They can also create sales tax compliance issues for businesses that might not otherwise think they have an obligation.


Sales Tax Challenges with Services is a 90-minute webinar taught by sales tax expert Diane Yetter of the Sales Tax Institute. In this webinar, Diane will explore the sales and use tax issues related to services. Sellers of services should attend this webinar to learn whether their services will be taxed, and if so, in which states. Purchasers of services can learn where they have a use tax obligation by attending this webinar. And if you have specific questions related to services, you can get answers from Diane during the live Q&A portion of the webinar.


Learning Objectives for this webinar include:


  • Discover the different ways that states tax services so you can understand if most services are taxed in a state or only specific services.
  • Find out how different states source services, which is vital to understanding where sales and use tax applies to the sale of a taxable service. 
  • Learn how states define services that are taxable and the categories of services that are most often taxed. 
  • Understand how invoice descriptions and contract language can impact whether services are taxable or not, so you can avoid creating an unnecessary tax burden.
  • Discover which states have tried to broaden their tax bases and which approaches have worked and which have not.



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