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Software & Cloud Taxation Made Clear Webinar

Determining how sales and use tax apply to software and the cloud can be intimidating for even experienced tax professionals. There are many reasons why. Sales of software, cloud computing services, software-related services and digital goods can be taxed differently on a state-by-state basis. Even the way in which software is delivered (tangible vs. electronically vs remotely accessed) and whether it’s prewritten or custom can mean the difference between the sale being taxable or exempt.


Software maintenance agreements bring further complications, with the method of delivery and the manner in which the maintenance agreement is sold often having an impact on the sale’s taxability.


Additionally, states across the country are making decisions that determine how they characterize sales of cloud computing and digital goods for sales tax purposes. Are you aware of the changes taking place across the states?


In this 90-minute live webinar, sales tax expert Diane Yetter of the Sales Tax Institute will teach you the different ways that software, cloud computing, and related services can be taxed. You’ll also learn about exemptions that are available for software purchases. For sellers of software and related services, the webinar will also cover the importance of distinguishing the different services you are providing so you aren’t creating a tax obligation unnecessarily.  We’ll also cover practical issues such as contract and invoice language, documentation of delivery method and sourcing rules.


In addition to all this great information, you’ll have the opportunity to get answers to your sales tax questions directly from Diane during the live Q&A portion of the webinar.



This 90 minute course grants 1.5 CPE credits.


Learning Objectives for this webinar include:


  • Learn how the taxability of software can vary based on how it’s delivered so you can ensure that these transactions are being taxed correctly.
  • Discover exemptions that can apply to software and software providers so you can bring cost savings to your company.
  • Get updated on how states are classifying cloud transactions for sales tax purposes so you don’t encounter any surprises.
  • Understand how items like maintenance contracts, training, and reimbursed expenses are taxed
  • Learn about software-related services and the importance of distinguishing the service that is being provided so you’re not subjecting exempt items to tax.
  • Understand the importance of contract provisions and invoice presentation and how they can affect the taxability of your sales.
  • Learn ways to minimize tax consequences for global or national software contracts from a software user’s perspective
  • Understand how to document user locations to accurately report the tax as well as how to address this from either a seller or buyer perspective


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