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Sales Tax 101 Webinar On-Demand

Sales Tax: it’s something you encounter virtually every day, either as a consumer or a seller, personally or in the course of business.  But how exactly does sales tax work?  Even seasoned sales tax practitioners can be confused by the twists and turns of the U.S. sales tax system, so how is a beginner supposed to know where to start? 


Managing Sales Tax Projects Webinar

As a sales tax professional, you are personally involved in and maybe even responsible for any number of projects. These could be audits, tax research, due diligence, monthly compliance, an implementation project, or any other number of special projects. And these are likely piled on top of your day-to-day tasks, which you also need to manage. The problem with this is: you’re a tax professional, not a project manager!


Career Options in Sales Tax Webinar

With so many different job opportunities available, sales tax is a fantastic field to be in. And with new industries, business models and legislation being introduced on a regular basis, it’s a very exciting time to be working with sales and use tax. Even within one job, no day is the same and there are many different opportunities to grow and develop.


Sales Tax Issues for Manufacturers Webinar

There are many sales tax exemptions and incentives available to manufacturers.  If you work in the manufacturing industry, you need to know about the potential cost savings that are available to your company. This webinar will teach you about the exemptions – both common and not so common – that may be available to you at each step of the manufacturing process.


Taxes in the Sharing Economy Webinar

The arrival of the sharing economy has been a big game changer. Companies like Airbnb and Uber have radically transformed the hotel and transportation industries. But like the e-commerce boom before it, the sharing economy brings with it a whole slew of new tax issues and complications for businesses.


Not to mention tax obligations that you may not even be aware of. Are you sure you’re doing the right thing when it comes to handling taxes in the sharing economy?


Effective Audit Defense Techniques Webinar

Nobody looks forward to being audited. It’s one of those things that keeps you up at night. And that’s totally understandable. Most people feel that they are completely defenseless if they get audited…but it doesn’t have to be that way.


Managing Sales Tax Risk Webinar

Risk…when it comes to our jobs and careers, we generally want as little of it as possible. And in the world of sales and use tax, it’s certainly no different. With the possibility of an audit (or worse, things like class action or qui tam action suits) always looming, ignorance is never a defense. In order to protect you and your company’s best interests, you need to be aware of the significant financial risks related to sales tax.


Puerto Rico VAT Reform: What Didn’t Happen and Where are we Now? Webinar

Puerto Rico has seen a lot of tax changes take place over the last year. One of the biggest recent changes was the major increase in Puerto Rico’s sales tax rate (from 6% to 10.5%) in 2015. And legislation that was going to switch Puerto Rico from sales tax to a Value Added Tax on June 1, 2016 was recently vetoed. So what exactly is happening there and what is going to happen in the future?


Local Taxes - Where, What, How and Why? Webinar

There is a lot of misunderstanding about local taxes. Local taxes are not always treated as a priority by tax departments. They may seem less important and just too troublesome. And since they are often (but not always) a low percent, they just don’t make the radar. 


Basic Concepts of Drop Shipments Webinar

Drop shipments is one of the most popular topics concerning our students at the Sales Tax Institute, and with good reason. Drop shipments are particularly tricky to figure out because a number of factors come into play that make them more complicated than a regular sale.


If drop shipment transactions aren’t handled correctly, they can lead to significant financial and tax implications. Improperly handling drop shipments can affect your company’s financial stability.



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