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Puerto Rico VAT Reform: What Didn’t Happen and Where are we Now? Webinar

Puerto Rico has seen a lot of tax changes take place over the last year. One of the biggest recent changes was the major increase in Puerto Rico’s sales tax rate (from 6% to 10.5%) in 2015. And legislation that was going to switch Puerto Rico from sales tax to a Value Added Tax on June 1, 2016 was recently vetoed. So what exactly is happening there and what is going to happen in the future?


Local Taxes - Where, What, How and Why? Webinar

There is a lot of misunderstanding about local taxes. Local taxes are not always treated as a priority by tax departments. They may seem less important and just too troublesome. And since they are often (but not always) a low percent, they just don’t make the radar. 


Basic Concepts of Drop Shipments Webinar

Drop shipments is one of the most popular topics concerning our students at the Sales Tax Institute, and with good reason. Drop shipments are particularly tricky to figure out because a number of factors come into play that make them more complicated than a regular sale.


If drop shipment transactions aren’t handled correctly, they can lead to significant financial and tax implications. Improperly handling drop shipments can affect your company’s financial stability.


The ABC’s of State Tax Credits and Incentives Webinar

When it comes to state tax, you need to make that sure you’re not missing out on potential credits or incentives that are available to your company as they can result in huge tax savings. If a company is growing its business or building new a facility, it’s essential to know what credits and incentives are available. Many incentive programs must be applied for in advance of the commencement of a project .

Transactions with Exempt Entities Webinar

Whether you are an exempt entity making purchases (and possibly sales) or a for-profit business making sales to exempt entities, you need to understand the ins and outs of these transactions for sales tax purposes. When dealing with exempt entities, you need to make sure that your procedures for handling them are correct so you don’t make errors and wind up with issues down the line if you get audited.


Sales Tax Systems – How to Decide Which is Right for You Webinar

If your company is in the market for a sales tax automation system, there are more solutions available now than ever before. That’s a good thing. But with so many options available, it is also harder than ever to figure out which system is right for your company. And the stakes are high! If you select the right system, it can make everyone’s life easier and result in major cost and time savings. But if you select the wrong system, then you’ve really got a mess on your hands.


Nexus: What Does the Future Hold? Webinar

Nexus is one of the most important concepts you’ll encounter in the world of sales tax. Simply put, nexus is the factor that determines if you are required to register to collect sales or use tax on sales into a state. Sellers – whether they sell online or not – need to know where they have established nexus and what that entails. If you have nexus in a state and aren’t registered to collect and remit sales tax there, you are exposing yourself to a significant audit risk.


Managing Pesky Alternative Taxes Webinar

Most sales tax professionals specialize in just that – sales tax – and may not be aware of how to manage alternative taxes such as Washington’s business & occupation tax, Arizona’s transaction privilege tax, Ohio’s commercial activity tax, and more. And since some of these taxes look and feel like a sales tax because they are based on gross receipts and don’t have deductions similar to income taxes, they become the responsibility of the sales tax staff.

Tax Challenges with Real Property Transactions Webinar

The sales tax rules for construction and real property transactions can be tricky to navigate, and the rules vary from state to state. If you’re operating in multiple states, you should be aware of the different treatments so you can be confident that you are handling sales and use tax correctly on these transactions.


Ethical Sales Tax Practices Webinar

Ethical issues in the work place are being scrutinized by the government, investors, customers, vendors, the press, our peers, law enforcement and more. Ignorance will not necessarily keep you from personally being prosecuted in a civil and criminal court. It is important for tax professionals, as well as corporate managers and owners, to know the potential consequences for failure to properly report and remit sales and use taxes.



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