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Tax Challenges with Software, Cloud & Related Services Webinar

Sales of software, cloud computing services, software-related services and items such as software maintenance agreements can be taxed differently on a state-by-state basis. Numerous factors are involved in tax determination. For software sales, the way in which the software is delivered (tangible vs. electronically) and whether it’s prewritten or custom can mean the difference between the sale being taxable and exempt.


Managing Exemptions Webinar

Whether you claim an exemption as a purchaser or accept them as a seller, it is essential to properly understand and manage exemptions for sales tax purposes. You need to have a solid grasp of exemption documentation and support requirements in order to support exempt transactions. You should also understand the different types of exemptions that are available.


Effectively Managing a Sales Tax Audit Webinar

No tax professional looks forward to being audited.  Being prepared and knowing what to expect is your first line of defense if your company undergoes a tax audit.  This webinar will teach you how to take control of a sales tax audit and minimize your audit risk.


Sales Tax Issues for Retailers Webinar

Retailers deal with sales tax on a daily basis. Due to the high volume of sales faced by retailers, it is essential to make sure that you are not only properly collecting and remitting sales tax, but also managing all of the other sales tax issues that are involved. Make sure you’re doing it right - learn the ins and outs of handling sales tax on retail sales by registering for this webinar.


Sales Tax on Services – What, Where and How Webinar

Our economy has moved from one of buying and selling goods to one of buying and selling services – or things that are like services.  With this change, state sales tax bases have shrunk – resulting in either increased rates or broadened base.  Knowing which states have taken the approach of taxing more services is important to understand. 


Sales & Use Tax Issues for Manufacturers Webinar

There are many sales tax exemptions and incentives available to manufacturers.  If you work in the manufacturing industry, you need to know about the benefits that are available to your business. This webinar will talk about the common exemptions available to manufacturers, potentially opening your business up to tremendous cost savings.  Learn which steps of the process are included in the manufacturing exemption and how the way you use equipment can determine if it is exempt or not.

Sales Tax Administrative Issues Webinar

Sales tax administration – not anyone’s idea of a fun time – right?!  But dealing with it is a responsibility that most businesses have and may not realize all that is involved. For instance, how do you register as a retailer and get a permit number?  When and how do you remit sales tax in a state? If you have exemption certificates, how frequently do you need to update them so you can continue to receive the exemption?

Nexus – Where Do I Have It and What Do I Do? Webinar

Nexus is a term that you’ll hear often in the world of sales and use tax, and for good reason.  Nexus is the factor that determines where you need to collect and remit sales tax on your sales and pay use tax on your purchases.  It’s an important concept, and it is essential that sellers – both those who sell online and those who don’t – understand where they have nexus and what they need to do if that’s the case. If you have nexus in a state and are not collecting and remitting sales tax, you are facing financial risk.

Sales Tax Systems – Options & Functionality Webinar

For businesses that are looking to implement a sales tax automation system, choosing from the many options that are available can easily become overwhelming.  Trying to understand which system best fits your company’s needs can quickly become stressful.  And it requires that you make the right decision - failing to do so will result in considerable costs. The cost of transitioning to a different system and the countless employee hours required can be staggering.


All-Access Webinar Pass

Learn from the experts about the sales and use tax issues that matter with the Sales Tax Institute’s All-Access Webinar Pass!  The All-Access Webinar Pass grants you access to attend an entire year’s worth of Sales Tax Institute live webinars at a discounted price! 



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