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Sales & Use Tax Issues for Manufacturers Webinar

There are many sales tax exemptions and incentives available to manufacturers.  If you work in the manufacturing industry, you need to know about the benefits that are available to your business. This webinar will talk about the common exemptions available to manufacturers, potentially opening your business up to tremendous cost savings.  Learn which steps of the process are included in the manufacturing exemption and how the way you use equipment can determine if it is exempt or not.

Sales Tax Administrative Issues Webinar

Sales tax administration – not anyone’s idea of a fun time – right?!  But dealing with it is a responsibility that most businesses have and may not realize all that is involved. For instance, how do you register as a retailer and get a permit number?  When and how do you remit sales tax in a state? If you have exemption certificates, how frequently do you need to update them so you can continue to receive the exemption?

Nexus – Where Do I Have It and What Do I Do? Webinar

Nexus is a term that you’ll hear often in the world of sales and use tax, and for good reason.  Nexus is the factor that determines where you need to collect and remit sales tax on your sales and pay use tax on your purchases.  It’s an important concept, and it is essential that sellers – both those who sell online and those who don’t – understand where they have nexus and what they need to do if that’s the case. If you have nexus in a state and are not collecting and remitting sales tax, you are facing financial risk.

Sales Tax Systems – Options & Functionality Webinar

For businesses that are looking to implement a sales tax automation system, choosing from the many options that are available can easily become overwhelming.  Trying to understand which system best fits your company’s needs can quickly become stressful.  And it requires that you make the right decision - failing to do so will result in considerable costs. The cost of transitioning to a different system and the countless employee hours required can be staggering.


All-Access Webinar Pass

Learn from the experts about the sales and use tax issues that matter with the Sales Tax Institute’s All-Access Webinar Pass!  The All-Access Webinar Pass grants you access to attend an entire year’s worth of Sales Tax Institute live webinars at a discounted price! 


Navigating the Legislative Process Webinar

It’s the beginning of the year and for those in the state tax field it means the beginning of the state and local legislative season.  States vary as to how long their session is and even whether they will consider tax legislation in the session.  If your company has experienced unfavorable audit results or wants to attempt a legislative resolution, now is the time to start that process.  And of course, you need to keep on top of any proposals that could negatively impact your company.  This 90-minute webinar taught by Greg Turner of the Council on State Taxation (COST) and Diane Yetter of

Sales Tax 101 Webinar

Sales Tax: it’s something you encounter virtually every day, either as a consumer or a seller, personally or in the course of business.  But how exactly does sales tax work?  Even seasoned sales tax practitioners can be confused by the twists and turns of the U.S. sales tax system, so how is a beginner supposed to know where to start? 


Tax Leader Summit - Navigating Tax Policy - 2013

Join your fellow tax department leaders as we explore and establish the best practices for tax departments in an interactive series of panel-focused discussions. Panels will be led by business leaders and consultants, whose ideas and expertise will help us establish tax policy best practices that will make your tax department more effective and successful.


Sales Tax for E-Commerce Webinar

Knowing when and how to collect and remit sales and use tax can be particularly difficult for e-commerce businesses.  The growth of the e-commerce market has outpaced the states’ development of tax laws to properly determine how to characterize a sale for tax treatment.  And the landscape for e-commerce is changing.  With more states adopting click-through nexus laws (“Amazon” laws) and affiliate nexus laws, it can be difficult to keep track of everything you need to know.  Additionally, the proposed Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013 could lead to more changes if it’s pas

VAT vs. Sales Tax – What Are the Differences and How Do They Work? Webinar

Businesses today are most likely global and rarely operating in a single country.   To support customers that can be located anywhere, businesses often have a complex supply chain that allows them to service customers beyond their border.  But when is a business required to register and collect tax in a foreign country?  In the United States, we call this “nexus.” In Canada and other VAT countries, it is called “permanent establishment.” In the U.S., we have “drop shipments.” In the EU it is called “triangulation.” Some of the rules are similar, but others are very different.



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