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Audit Defense Tips & Tricks Webinar

No tax professional looks forward to being audited.  Being prepared and knowing what to expect is your first line of defense if your company undergoes a tax audit.  This webinar will teach you how to minimize your audit risk by understanding each step of the process and uncovering tips and tricks for audit defense. This 90-minute webinar taught by B.J.

How States Tax the Cloud Webinar

It is likely that every business today is using a cloud platform – most commonly remote access to software and remote access to hardware. These models, however, provide both vendors and purchasers alike with a variety of taxability issues including characterization of what is being used, determination of the transaction situs, and allocation of the tax base. This session will address these issues by examining different philosophies and approaches among the states, providing the attendee with the foundation to understand the nuances that need to be addressed on a state by state basis.

Managing Your Sales & Use Tax Data Webinar

This session will help you maximize the value of effective data management strategies.  We will discuss data transformation techniques, data integrity checks, proper backup and secure storage of data sets and automation of the data management strategy.  We will also explore the required monitoring of this strategy to ensure success, compliance and continual improvement.


The Practices of a Best-in-Class Tax Department Webinar

Today’s tax department leaders face many challenges including implementing corporate tax policy, staying on top of technical issues, hiring and retaining personnel, managing the internal and external perception of the tax department, and funding the department in lean budget times.  Balancing all of these priorities takes a great leader.   But how do tax leaders know what the best practices are in all of these areas?  And where should they focus their attention to get their department to a leadership role – internally as well as externally?  The Sales Tax Institute addressed these issues at

Tax Research Tips & Tricks Webinar

A new year means a new opportunity to improve your research skills by learning tax research tips and tricks from the experts.  We’re excited to offer our popular “Tax Research Tips and Tricks” webinar once again so you can hone your skills for 2014!


Upcoming Changes to Canada's Harmonization Landscape and What It Means To You Webinar

Doing business in Canada can have its challenges from a sales tax perspective for many US organizations.  Staying up-to-date with developments and understanding the potential implications for your organization is key  for businesses trying to effectively manage their Canadian sales tax compliance risks.  2013 will see many changes in the Canadian harmonization landscape with BC deharmonizing as of April 1, 2013 and reverting back to a two level sales tax regime along with further harmonization in Quebec (January 1, 2013)  and full harmonization for PEI (April 1, 2013).

Best Practices in Systems Implementation Webinar

It is critical for businesses that sell items in multiple jurisdictions to implement a technology solution to accurately manage sales and use tax functions.  Understanding the best practices in implementing a transaction tax system will help you to reduce errors, increase productivity, and potentially avoid audit fines and penalties and the labor costs to fix mistakes found in an audit.


Tax Implications of Drop Shipments Webinar

More and more businesses are establishing processes that eliminate maintaining their own inventory.  Although this can save money for the business, it could be creating other issues related to sales tax and the ability to purchase your inventory exempt for resale.  Drop shipment transactions can provide a number of unique challenges to the sales and use tax practitioner.

Use Tax Accruals Webinar

Many states are currently facing budget constraints and are targeting taxpayers to find tax liabilities to fill the coffers. One item that is often overlooked and is a potential audit liability is use tax on purchases where the vendor did not charge sales tax. Many taxpayers are unaware of their use tax responsibility or choose to ignore it. But doing so can be a costly mistake.  


Sales Tax Exemption Certificate | Online Sales Tax Training Course

Exemptions is a self-study, 60-minute basic course designed for individuals who need to understand the rules related to issuing and accepting exemption certificates. The course is ideal for those without significant sales tax experience who work in the finance, sales or purchasing areas in a company and who are unable to attend live sessions and/or are seeking a flexible course schedule or pace.

This course qualifies for 1 hour of CEU and requires no advance preparation or prerequisites. Course objectives:



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