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Taxation of Rentals & Leases of Equipment & Property - Not Just for Lessors Anymore! Webinar

Rentals and leases can be a tricky subject when it comes to sales tax. It’s easy to get tripped up when the sales tax treatment of rentals and leases vary from state to state. But understanding the different ways that they can be taxed is important in knowing how these transactions should be treated so mistakes aren’t made.  


For anyone who deals with rentals and leases as either the lessor or the lessee, being able to identify the different situations that can arise and knowing how to treat them for sales and use tax purposes is essential.


There are many different types of leases, and the sales tax treatment can be different for each of them. In addition, you need to understand what is included in the tax base for rentals and leases – in essence, how much of the amount is subject to sales or use tax. It’s also vital to be aware of the potential nexus and audit issues that can arise with rentals and leases.


Rentals & Leases is a 90-minute webinar taught by sales tax expert Diane Yetter of the Sales Tax Institute. In this webinar, Diane will explain the ins and outs of rentals and leases, from the practical tax considerations to the special situations that you should be aware of.  If you deal with rentals and leases, this webinar will give you the knowledge you need to ensure that you are treating them correctly for sales and use tax purposes.  In addition, you can get answers to your questions from Diane during the live Q&A portion of the webinar.



This 90-minute course grants 1.5 CPE credits.


Learning Objectives for this webinar include:


  • Identify how rentals and leases are treated for sales tax purposes as well as unique situations that arise in certain states, so you don’t get tripped up.
  • Understand what is included in the tax base of the lease or rental that is subject to sales tax so you can be sure the correct amount of tax is being applied. 
  • Learn about the different types of leases and the correct way to handle each of them for sales tax purposes.
  • Discover the pros and cons of leasing vs. purchasing so you can take advantage of potential incentives. 
  • Understand the implications of renting or leasing moveable property so you can prevent tax calculation errors and nexus issues. 
  • Learn about the potential audit issues that can arise and the best practices to use so audits go as smoothly as possible.



This 90-minute course grants 1.5 CPE credits.


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