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Los Angeles Enacts Tax Amnesty Program


The City of Los Angeles has enacted a tax amnesty program, effective September 1, 2013 through December 2, 2013.  The amnesty program applies to the following City of Los Angeles taxes: Business, Utility Users Taxes (Telephone, Electricity, Gas), Commercial Tenant's Occupancy, Transient Occupancy, and Parking Occupancy Taxes.  Under the program, taxpayers that submit a tax amnesty application and pay all outstanding tax, interest, and fees during the amnesty period will have all penalties waived.  Following this amnesty period, the Office of Finance will pursue a range of enforcement actions including an additional 10% negligence penalty, an expanded audit program and expanded on-site investigations, and other enforcement actions.  For more details on the amnesty program, visit our Sales Tax Amnesty chart which has a link to the Office of Finance’s amnesty page.  (Tax Amnesty Program, City of Los Angeles Office of Finance, September 2013)

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