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  1. Utah exempts construction materials.

    ... exempt regardless of whether the materials actually come in contact with the semiconductor or if they are incorporated into real property. ...

    stormtrooper - 2015-01-16 15:36

  2. Trade Show Visits Established Nexus in Washington

    ... Washington in which the company displayed its products, made contact with potential buyers, discussed its service model with potential ...

    client - 2015-01-16 15:38

  3. Certain Voluntary Disclosure Agreements to be Honored in New Jersey

    ... to be eligible, taxpayers must not have had any previous contact with the Division or any of its agents, be willing to pay all ...

    stormtrooper - 2015-01-16 15:24

  4. Virginia Gives Credit to Construction Contracts Against Rate Increase.

    ... 30, 2004. Parties eligible for the refund should directly contact the Department of Taxation. (Virginia Retail Sales and Use Tax Rate ...

    stormtrooper - 2015-01-16 15:30

  5. Arizona Issues Ruling on Marketplace Nexus

    ... if it does the following:   provides a primary contact point for customer service,  processes payments on behalf of the ...

    client - 2017-06-30 15:42

  6. Ohio Department of Taxation Announces Use Tax Amnesty/Voluntary Disclosure Program

    ... are encouraged to evaluate their potential liability and contact the Department to secure registration under the UTEP program. (Use Tax ...

    stormtrooper - 2015-02-09 10:59

  7. Class Action Lawsuit for Fraudulent Tax Charges Denied in Illinois

    ... about steps to take.  If you need recommendations, please contact us.  ( Karpowicz v. Papa Murphy's International, LLC , Appellate ...

    client - 2016-09-28 10:43

  8. North Carolina Offers Incentives for Participating in Small Business Counseling Program

    ... implementing improvements.  Interested business owners can contact the department at (877) 252-4549 or visit one of the department’s ...

    client - 2015-01-16 15:24

  9. Idaho Provides Guidance on Sales and Rentals During August 21 Solar Eclipse

    ... register to collect other local sales taxes, vendors should contact the local taxing authority. For more information, visit ...

    John Londay - 2017-07-26 16:26

  10. Wisconsin Expands Offset Programs

    ... an intercepted refund, the debtor will receive a notice with contact information for the agency that is holding the debt. (News for Tax ...

    stormtrooper - 2015-01-16 15:24


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