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Advanced Sales and Use Tax Workshop

23 CPE credits

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Advanced Sales and Use Tax is an interactive sales tax workshop designed for sales tax specialists in corporate or consulting environments. The workshop is designed for individuals who have four or more years of experience in sales and use tax.

  • Your toughest sales and use tax issues will be solved through expert-led sessions, case study breakdowns, lively discussions, and deep dives into advanced topics
  • Your deep-dive sessions go into trending sales tax topics and industry update sessions detailing the latest legislative developments and state-specific updates in industries relevant to you
  • Unlike any other sales tax training opportunity out there
  • See things in a new light and increase your level of expertise to help you take that next leap in your career development


2024 Topics
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Why Advanced Sales and Use Tax Workshop?

…Have you reached a point in your career where you’re looking to explore expert-level concepts?

…Are you looking for ways to not just improve processes, but streamline your entire department so that you are operating at the highest efficiency, effectiveness, and  accuracy?

…Do you already know the fundamentals about nexus, drop shipments, compliance, and other sales tax concepts and are looking for those advanced nuances to really increase your knowledge and expertise?

…Are you ready to truly specialize and take on stronger leadership positions that allow you to demand better titles, pay, and positions with your master level knowledge?

Imagine if you could achieve all of this and more with a support group of like-minded professionals in just a matter of days.

We created Advanced Sales and Use Tax Workshop to help you move from a capable practitioner to a true master in sales and use tax.

Advanced Sales and Use Tax Workshop is a seminar that involves an in-depth look at specific timely sales tax topics.

Sessions are led by the top professionals in the industry that have specialized backgrounds in different areas of sales and use tax so that you get a wide range of viewpoints.

We encourage interactivity and lots of questions. PLUS, all attendees have the opportunity for one-on-one access to the faculty where they will help answer specific questions and situations. Furthermore, we never allow government auditors to attend our live courses, so you can safely discuss your situation without fear.

The Advanced Sales and Use Tax Workshop is a learning experience unlike any other opportunity out there. We help you see things in a new light and increase your level of expertise to help you achieve your career goals.

And we succeed. In fact, alumni of the Advanced Workshop report that what they learn at this event helps them position themselves for leadership roles, promotions, positions at different companies, snag bigger clients, and even leverage better pay!

Even without potential career accolades, this course will help you make faster decisions, improve your accuracy, and increase your ability to offer strategic sales tax recommendations.

The most unique part of Advanced is the size. We limit the number of participants so that everyone gets a chance to learn, discuss, and make meaningful connections with one another. You get the focused attention and guidance that you need to really stand out as an expert.

Advanced Workshop 2024 Topics

Advanced Workshop 2024 will help you rethink important sales and use tax topics and get up-to-date on legislative changes that are affecting your company and/or clients today. Attendees work together to unpack important sales tax issues through lecture time, case studies, and group discussions.

See the full Advanced Workshop 2024 agenda


Deep-Dive Trending Topic Sessions

Each of these topics will be discussed in depth in an average of a 2 hour session to really understand the issues and help you develop practical strategies to apply in your business.

Artificial Intelligence Uses for Sales Tax
The world of taxation is evolving rapidly, and artificial intelligence (AI) is playing a significant role in this transformation. AI is poised to make a substantial impact in the sales tax field. AI is affecting the way sales tax is collected, managed, and enforced, which will have practical implications for the future of businesses operating in the U.S. in this session, we will dive into the tools available, processes where AI is the most helpful, confidentiality with AI, and ethics related to use of AI. We’ll talk about how to use AI effectively to free up time to tackle all the new challenges that pop up.

New and Old Ways to Tax Digital Products
How states (and localities!) apply tax to the digital realm is in constant flux. It’s critical to understand how states define different technologies for tax purposes and stay on top of new legislation that impacts this category. This session will dig into the tax implications for an array of technologies including software, SaaS, digital goods, bots, artificial intelligence, streaming content, cloud computing, digital advertising, and cryptocurrency. Learn how to navigate tricky areas such as information services vs data access, taxation of bundle services, and sourcing including software user allocation, so you are prepared no matter if you are on the buyer or seller side of tech transactions.

Local taxes and registrations – Home Rule, State Administered and Business Licenses
Home rule jurisdictions are notorious for causing headaches for businesses trying to comply with their rules. They can have their own procedures and often have different exemptions, nexus rules, tax bases, and required forms than those at the state level. But there are also challenges in complying with state administered local taxes (Are you listening Colorado and Missouri?!). In this session, you’ll learn about the nuances of these local taxes as well as those pesky fees that might be disguised as taxes. Which of these could apply to your business – amusement tax, meals tax, bag fees, hazard fees, retail delivery fees and more! And we can’t forget about local business licenses! Learn what’s happening locally with differences between tangible and digital products as well services. This session will help you mitigate the local tax headaches by equipping you with the knowledge you may be missing about these pesky authorities so you can stay compliant.

Potpourri Roundtables
We’ll take your input to create interactive discussion sessions addressing the top sales tax topics that attendees are asking for. Get answers to your most pressing sales tax questions! Once you register, watch for an email to submit the sales tax issues at the top of your mind. We’ll take these submissions and craft a discussion touching on the hot topics of the attendees. 


Exemption Management – Resale, Exempt Entity, Exempt Use
Exemptions are one of the most “amusing” parts of sales tax! Once you determine the exemptions that you’re eligible for, you must understand how to document these exemptions and what are the correct certificates to issue. The challenge is that depending on the type of product or service you sell, it can be difficult to determine whether your inputs qualify for an exemption. This session will cover the types of situations and purchases for which you can claim an exemption. We’ll dive into deciphering what qualifies for a resale exemption, handling exempt entities and unusual exempt uses including when a “flow-through” exemption can be claimed by someone other than the exempt entity. Learn about best practices for issuing and requesting exemption certificates and exemption process management so you are more confident in managing exemptions that apply to your business activities as both a buyer and a seller.

Manufacturing Exemptions – What’s New and What’s Not
If you work in manufacturing or with manufacturers, there are many sales tax exemptions, incentives, and special rules that can apply. Keeping up to date with how the states define manufacturing terms for exemption purposes could potentially identify tremendous savings for your company. There are gems to be found! In this session, we will explore the most important points, including softwarerelated issues for manufacturing equipment, what to look out for when there are changes in usage by the manufacturer, and handling withdrawals of inventory and goods movement. We’ll also dig into some of the nuances in how states define who can qualify as a manufacturer as well as what processes are covered by these exemptions.  

Tax Credits/Refunds/Adjustments – How to File and Use
Bad debts, product returns, customer accommodation, pricing adjustments, tax only refunds… What do all of these items have in common? They lead you to tax confusion! It’s a must that you are able to differentiate what is a credit, refund, or adjustment. In this session, we will cover how to report and claim these on sales tax returns. Then we’ll jump into risk and logistic issues such as credit carryovers, how to minimize credits being disallowed, variations in returns, who is eligible for bad debt deductions and the rest. Learn about technology options and best processes to help you and your company avoid risk in this tricky area!  



Industry Update Sessions

Industry update sessions are 1 hour in length and share the latest legislative developments and state-specific sales tax updates relevant to the industry. We select industries covered based on who is in attendance for the workshop. Potential Industries to be covered include: Manufacturing, Retail/Wholesale, Hi-Tech, Leasing, Professional Services, Construction, Heath Care, Utilities, Telecommunications, and Hospitality.


CPE Information

Let’s head to New Orleans! Location & Hotel Information:

Advanced Sales and Use Tax Workshop 2024 will take place at the Kimpton Hotel Fontenot. The Kimpton Hotel Fontenot embodies a chic design mixed with playful touches, food and drink that satisfies the soul, and an atmosphere that has the chops to impress locals and visitors alike. It is located in the French Quarter with easy access to all the excitement and culture that the city has to offer.

Advanced Workshop Group Rate: $219.00-$249.00 per room + tax

Sales Tax Institute does not book your hotel room for you, you must reserve your own hotel room.

More on the hotel and how to book your room


Advanced Workshop 2024 Faculty


Diane L. Yetter
President & Founder, YETTER
Tax and Sales Tax Institute
Trisha Davidson
Senior Tax Manager, YETTER
Tax and Sales Tax Institute
Amanda Cusack
Tax Manager, YETTER Tax and Sales Tax Institute
Stacey Roberts
Director of SALTovation Team, TaxOps
David Hughes
Partner, HMB Legal Counsel’s State and Local Tax Group
Mustafa Ashurex
Founder/Vice President of Engineering at Cordiance
Christina Wiseman
Product Marketing Manager, Tax & Advisory at


“I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about others’ experiences on a day-to-day basis and issues they might be facing. Their experiences give me another way to look at things. You get this through all the sharing that occurs with that more one-on-one, direct instruction of Advanced Workshop.”


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Additional Benefits for Advanced Attendees

Advanced covers a range of sales and use tax topics and provides:

  • One-on-one access to the instructors where you can bring specific questions about your unique situation to review with our pros.
  • Government auditor free classrooms so you feel safe to ask any question you may have. Government auditors are not allowed to attend our live courses.
  • Social events for attendees where you can get to know your workshop colleagues and instructors in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • The Sales and Use Tax reference workbook that includes hundreds of pages of guidelines, rules, laws, and regulations that you can keep in your office and use for years to come.
  • 23 CPE credits.

“The program encompasses multiple industries while taking the time to go through a detailed analysis of each. This program would be helpful no matter which industry you are in.”

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