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The Great Exemption Adventure: Finding Them, Applying Them and Making Sure They Stick

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1.5 CPE credits
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Exemptions are just plain fun! The hunt to find new ones that offer savings to your company or customers is an exciting puzzle. States offer a wide array of sales tax exemptions (including some that you may be missing out on!) and the rules in every state are different, which only adds to the challenge.

Whether you claim an exemption as a purchaser or accept them as a seller, you’ll want to properly manage and understand exemptions available to you for sales tax purposes. You need to know when and how sales tax exemptions apply and understand what qualifies as acceptable exemption documentation so you can really play the game.

Who should attend?

This webinar is intended for for-profit companies that qualify for exemptions on their purchases based on usage and not-for-profit organizations making purchases and/or sales and for-profit entities making sales to exempt and not-for-profit organizations. It is intended for anyone who deals with exempt entities.

The course is also designed for general practitioners, with minimal to no experience. And for any level of practitioner that simply loves working with exemptions.

About the Instructor

Diane L. Yetter, President & Founder, YETTER and Sales Tax Institute

Diane L. Yetter is the “Sales Tax NerdTM” as well as a strategist, advisor, speaker, and author in the field of sales and use tax. She is president and founder of YETTERTM, a sales tax consulting and tax technology firm in business since 1996. She is also the founder of The Sales Tax Institute, a premier think tank that offers live and online courses to educate business professionals about sales and use tax.

More About Diane L. Yetter

Your webinars are truly helpful and insightful for the ever-changing sales tax laws. I look forward to learning more through your webinars.”

Additional Details About the Great Exemption Adventure Webinar

If you make purchases exempt from sales tax or are a seller whose sales include exempt sales, you need to understand the correct way to manage and administer exempt transactions. Exemptions are fun. Discovering them is like finding a treasure – they save money, they require critical thinking, and they give you an opportunity to shine!

But, like any great adventure, it can’t all be fun and games. Potential perils are always lurking…

While they may seem like a straightforward transactions, there are nuances that often take place during or after the transaction that can lead to costly mistakes or even disqualify your ability to claim the exemption entirely.

The exemption documentation provided, how the items are purchased, and who is purchasing the item are just a few of the things that can nullify an exemption. Failure to maintain the exemption documentation by either the seller or purchaser can lead to audit issues. And the way that a state’s tax code defines an exemption can make or break an exempt purchase.

So why bother with exemptions if there is risk involved? Because there are lots of great cost saving opportunities worth the risk. There are sales tax exemptions that you may know nothing about, exemptions that could be saving your company serious money.

This webinar will take you through the exemption landscape. You’ll learn about the different types of sales tax exemptions that are out there so you can take advantage of them. You will learn how to properly manage and document these exemptions so you can ensure you’re staying compliant and won’t get penalized when audit time comes around. And you will discover why sales tax practitioners find exemptions to be a favorite part of their job.

Your Teaching Staff

In this 90-minute live webinar taught by sales tax expert Diane Yetter of the Sales Tax Institute, you will learn how to manage sales tax exemptions and documentation correctly. You will also get an understanding of the different types of exemptions that are available and maybe even discover a few exemptions that you didn’t know exist.

And during the live Q&A portion of the webinar, you can get answers to your specific sales tax questions directly from Diane.

Learning Objectives for this webinar include:

  • Discover why exemptions are a fun and interesting part of sales tax work.
  • Explore the key types of sales tax exemptions that are offered across a wide range of industries.
  • Examine and understand the differences in how state exemptions are written so you don’t get tripped up on legislative language and make costly mistakes.
  • Understand the nuances involved in making sales to exempt organizations such as government agencies.
  • Learn the proper way to document exemptions so you don’t get penalized under a sales tax audit.
  • Learn how to manage the ins and outs of exemptions so you can ensure that you’re staying fully compliant.
  • Identify exciting cost saving opportunities across the states and the criteria you need to meet in order to qualify for them.

CPE Information:

Webinar attendees can earn 1.5 hours of CPE credit in the “Taxes” field of study

Prerequisites: This course requires no prerequisites or advance preparation.

Program Level: Basic

Delivery Method: Group Internet-Based


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