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Sales Tax Exemptions: Are You Asking These Important Questions?

There are two sides to every story, and sales tax exemptions are no exception. It may appear that the person who holds the most responsibility for handling sales tax exemptions correctly is the person who is making the tax-exempt purchase. But as with all things sales tax, it is rarely that simple. Sellers who accept exemption certificates have

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Reporting Requirements – The Next Big Trend in Remote Seller Legislation

There has been a lot of focus recently on remote seller nexus and collection responsibility.  The MTC Online Seller Amnesty program has brought this issue to the forefront.  But what hasn’t gotten as much attention is the Notice and Reporting legislation. 


Reporting and notice requirements legislation isn’t a new trend in sales and

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The Internet of Things: What is It and How Should It Be Taxed?

One of the big themes we’ve seen in the world of sales and use tax over the last decade or so has been the emergence of new and never-before-seen industries, products and services and the attendant rush for states and tax professionals to figure out how exactly to tax them. It can be terribly frustrating for sellers, purchasers and tax practitioners to figure out

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Unclaimed Property: What Tax Professionals Need to Know

As someone who is responsible for handling sales tax, you may assume that unclaimed property doesn’t fall under your purview. This is a dangerous assumption, considering that your company may be expecting you to stay on top of unclaimed property reporting and compliance.


Unfortunately, you may not have received training on unclaimed property and don’t

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The 5 Keys to Saving Time and Money on Tax Research

With 47 states that each have their own unique laws governing sales and use taxes, keeping on top of your sales tax rules and requirements on a state-by-state basis is a daunting task even for seasoned sales tax professionals.


But conducting tax research is frequently handled by less senior employees in the tax department. And I’ve seen in many cases that senior

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