Sales Tax Education Course Catalog

Sales tax education, training and professional development opportunities available with the Sales Tax Institute can help you succeed no matter your experience with sales and use tax. Classes are available in many different delivery methods to be most convenient for you, and many classes provide CPE credits. Browse the library by topic, level or delivery method.

How to manage sales tax for Canadian transactions as a USA based company.

Live Course | Master | Specialist

Advanced Sales and Use Tax Workshop

Deep-dive into advanced sales and use tax concepts at our intimate live workshop designed for mid to expert level tax pros.

Live Course | Novice | Specialist

Basics of Sales and Use Tax

Master sales tax basics at the introductory live course that teaches you all the fundamentals you need for effective sales and use tax management.

Live Webinar | Master | Novice | Specialist

All-Access Webinar Pass

All-Access webinar pass allows students to take 12 months of live webinars at a fraction of the cost.

Understand drop shipments and sales tax issues involved in these transactions.

On Demand Webinar | Novice

Sales Tax 101 On-Demand Webinar

90-minute on-demand sales tax 101 webinar teaching introductory fundamentals you need for any sales and use tax management.

On Demand Webinar | Novice | Specialist

Sales Tax for E-Commerce On-Demand

Discover the common ways that online retailers create sales tax nexus and what to do to stay compliant

Live Webinar | Master | Novice | Specialist

Automated Tax Solutions: Find The Best-Fit System For Your Needs

Choose the best sales tax automation system for your company.

Live Webinar | Master | Novice | Specialist

Best Practices in Systems Implementation

It is critical for businesses that sell items in multiple jurisdictions to implement a technology solution to accurately manage sales and use tax functions. Understanding the best practices in implementing a transaction tax system will help you to reduce errors,…

Live Webinar | Master | Novice | Specialist

Career Options in Sales Tax

With so many different job opportunities available, sales tax is a fantastic field to be in. And with new industries, business models and legislation being introduced on a regular basis, it’s a very exciting time to be working with sales…

This webinar will teach you about the sales tax process: what sales tax data you need to gather, the tools you can use to automate the sales tax function, how to communicate tax data needs to IT, and much more.

Live Webinar | Master | Novice | Specialist

Effective Audit Defense Techniques

Nobody looks forward to being audited. It’s one of those things that keeps you up at night. And that’s totally understandable. Most people feel that they are completely defenseless if they get audited…but it doesn’t have to be that way.…