Sales Tax Education Course Catalog

Sales tax education, training and professional development opportunities available with the Sales Tax Institute can help you succeed no matter your experience with sales and use tax. Classes are available in many different delivery methods to be most convenient for you, and many classes provide CPE credits. Browse the library by topic, level or delivery method.

Live Course | Novice | Specialist

Basics of Sales and Use Tax

Master sales tax basics at the introductory live course that teaches you all the fundamentals you need for effective sales and use tax management.

Sales Tax Summit is a moderated roundtable-style event designed for experienced tax and financial systems professionals who want to deepen their understanding of the impact indirect tax automation can have in their companies.

Live Webinar | Master | Novice | Specialist

Audit Empowerment: Techniques and Tips to Pass Your Next Audit

This 90-minute live webinar will teach you how to prepare for a sales tax audit and give you practical advice that you can implement immediately in your business.

Live Webinar | Master | Novice | Specialist

Catch Up On the New Reality for Nexus Post-Wayfair

In this 90-minute live webinar, sales tax expert Diane Yetter will teach what you need to know about sales tax nexus post-Wayfair.

Customized for You | Master | Novice | Specialist

Wayfair Risk Analysis

Get an analysis of your risk level post-Wayfair and get your questions answered by leading sales tax expert, Diane Yetter, in a one hour Wayfair Risk Analysis consultation. With over 30 years experience in sales tax, Diane can analyze your situation and provide the guidance you need.

Live Webinar | Master | Novice | Specialist

All-Access Webinar Pass

All-Access webinar pass allows students to take 12 months of live webinars at a fraction of the cost.

90-minute on-demand sales tax 101 webinar teaching introductory fundamentals you need for any sales and use tax management.

On Demand Webinar | Novice | Specialist

Effective Audit Defense Techniques On-Demand Webinar

Learn masterful sales tax audit defense techniques that will put you in control of any sales tax audit.

On Demand Webinar | Novice | Specialist

Sales Tax Challenges with Services On-Demand Webinar

There are services subject to sales tax and what they are might surprise you. Learn which services are taxed and how to handle them.

Tax research is a time-consuming challenge if you don’t have a process in place. Learn how to do it effectively in an on-demand training.

Understand drop shipments and sales tax issues involved in these transactions.

On Demand Webinar | Novice | Specialist

Sales Tax for E-Commerce On-Demand

Discover the common ways that online retailers create sales tax nexus and what to do to stay compliant