Who Is Best for Custom Training?

This varies, but those who benefit most are departments looking to train-up several individuals in sales and use tax issues at one time. Often those exploring custom training fall into one of the following situations:

  • The company is expanding the reach of their business and that is putting them in new sales and use tax situations for which they are unprepared. Perhaps they are moving to online sales, changing their order fulfillment process, or expanding into new territories.
  • The company has discovered a sales and use tax issue that is putting them at risk. They need to educate a team of professionals to mitigate liability.
  • The company has recently hired several key players that touch sales tax. They could be from general accounting, accounts payable, sales, purchasing, and credit and need current training on sales and use tax regulations.

All custom training solutions are designed to match the skill set of your team, your industry, and the states in which you do business.

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What Can Be Taught in a Custom Course?

Custom courses can range from general sales and use tax know-how to a deep dive session on a specific topic. A custom sales and use tax training course is typically taught in-person on a date and location of your choosing.

We can turn any previous or existing Sales and Use Tax course into a custom program for you or develop new materials based on your specific sales and use tax situation.

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Designing a Custom Course

The first thing we will do is discuss your goals, your personnel, and your current sales and use tax challenges.

From there we will work together to develop an in-house program that will address all your needs.

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