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The Sales Tax Institute is your destination for any sales and use tax training and education – along with assistance in career development for sales tax professionals.

Founded in 1996 by sales and use tax expert, Diane Yetter, the Sales Tax Institute has been helping tax, finance, and accounting professionals learn about the varied and nuanced world of sales and use tax.

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We offer high-level courses on corporate sales and use tax issues. We focus on teaching the most critical concepts going on in sales tax today. You will learn how to apply theory into your day-to-day practice so that your work becomes better, faster, and more accurate.

And you don’t have to do it alone. We encourage interactivity with our students: we hope you will ask questions of your instructors and engage with your classmates from all different industries. You can expand your network and skill set with our community and courses.

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Sales taxes are extremely complicated and it doesn’t seem like there is much out there in terms of guidance. It’s great to find a place that I can come to learn more about sales tax issues we face as a business. Thank you so much.

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