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5 Things to Understand About Your Nexus Footprint

Nexus, Latin for a connection or common link, was never meant to be a threatening word. But for businesses today, the threat of creating sales tax nexus within a taxing jurisdiction has given the word a new and highly negative connotation. Small- to mid-sized and fast-growing companies in particular are in a double bind regarding sales tax nexus: they’re sizable and busy enough to find themselves in the increasingly broad sights of local tax officials, but they typically lack the expertise and means to minimize their tax liability and audit exposure.

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Best Practices for Managing a Sales Tax Audit

If you are registered for sales tax, an audit is likely in your future. They aren’t fun but they don’t have to be scary. Being prepared for the audit – understanding what to expect, how to manage it and what you don’t have to do can reduce the uncertainty and also result in a better audit experience. With some expert guidance and preparation, you can go into an audit confident that you’re ready to take on any issues or challenges that the auditor brings to the table. 

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Important Concepts in Sales Tax Administration

Attempting to navigate your way through the administration of sales and use tax isn’t the easiest thing to do.  There is a wide range of responsibilities and tasks, and let’s not forget that sales and use tax law differs from state to state. We know that it can be overwhelming trying to get a handle on all of these issues. We hope this whitepaper helps you get started on the path to successfully administering sales and use tax.

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Best Practices in Transaction Tax Systems Implementation

Implementing an indirect tax automation system is no small task, but the results are well worth the investment of time, money, and effort when an effective system is finally in place. The right system will help companies reduce errors, increase productivity, and avoid the heavy fines and penalties of a negative audit. This article details the best practices needed to implement an automated sales tax system.

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State Tax Notes articleNo Excuses: Automation Advances Make Sales Tax Collection Easier for Everyone

In this article, Diane Yetter and Joe Crosby detail the history of tax automation software and explain the major advances in the field. This article also provides an overview on sales tax collection and compliance, helps explain how to determine taxability and the amount owed, and discusses the costs of sales and use tax compliance. This article also contains a helpful appendix of sales and use tax automation solutions. 

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