Utilities & Transportation

Georgia Suspends Collection of Sales Tax on Jet Fuel

Effective August 1, 2018, Georgia has suspended the collection of the state’s 4% sales and use tax on sales of jet fuel.

Waste Disposal Company Qualifies for Indiana Exemption as Public Transportation Provider

A waste disposal and recycling company’s purchase of natural gas qualified for Indiana’s public transportation exemption since the taxpayer established that it was in the business of providing public transportation.

Louisiana Issues Bulletin on Business Utilities Tax Rate

Effective July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2025, the overall Louisiana sales tax rate for business utilities, will be two percent.

Indiana Grants Predominant Use Exemption to Utilities Purchase

A taxpayer’s purchase of electricity qualified for Indiana’s predominant use exemption because the taxpayer produced documentation showing a higher exemption rate for utility usage than originally determined by the DOR.

Fuel and Electricity Used to Operate Air Makeup Units Exempt in Wisconsin

A taxpayer’s purchase of fuel and electricity to power air makeup units in its plants was exempt from Wisconsin sales tax.

Separate Exemption Certificates Required for Multiple Locations in Tennessee

Manufacturers who wish to purchase electricity at a reduced rate or exempt from Tennessee sales and use tax must present a certificate of exemption for each manufacturing location.

North Carolina Amends Public Utility Definitions

North Carolina amended its definition of \”public utility\” and “small power producer,” effective July 27, 2017.

Kentucky Modifies Manufacturing Exemptions for Energy-Producing Fuels and Tangible Personal Property

Kentucky has enacted legislation that modifies the state’s sales and use tax manufacturing exemptions for energy-producing fuels and tangible personal property.

Illinois Issues Guidance on Applicability of Manufacturing Exemption to Commercial Printing

The Illinois Department of Revenue has issued a general information letter regarding whether commercial printing is considered “manufacturing” and if the state’s manufacturing exemption applies to electricity consumed to run printing machinery.

Illinois Appellate Court Finds Motor Fuel Tax Did Not Apply to Compressed Natural Gas

The Illinois First District Appellate Court reversed an earlier order by the Illinois Independent Tax Tribunal regarding motor fuel tax on compressed natural gas.

Colorado Updates Publication on Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Residential Energy Usage

Colorado updated its publication regarding the state’s sales and use tax exemption on residential energy usage, stating the exemption applies to all purchases of propane and wood pellets used to heat a home or prepare food.

Arizona Amends Electricity and Gas Exemption for Manufacturing and Smelting Businesses

Arizona modified the exemption criteria for the qualified manufacturing or smelting business exemption as it applies to the state’s transaction privilege and use tax deduction of electricity and natural gas sales.

Virginia Extends Sunset Date for Natural Gas and Oils Machinery and Equipment Exemption

Virginia extended sunset date for natural gas and oils machinery and equipment exemption, effective 07/01/16. More…

Illinois Extends Repeal Date for Renewable Energy Law

Illinois extended the repeal date for a renewable energy law to 12/31/20. More…

North Carolina Enacts Exemption for Qualifying Datacenters

North Carolina enacted a sales and use tax exemption for qualifying datacenters, effective 01/01/16. More…

Exempt Organizations Liable for Excise Taxes on Utilities in Illinois

Illinois issued guidance regarding exemptions for nonprofit organizations. More…

New York Enacts Exemption for Electricity Sold Under Solar Power Purchase Agreements

New York enacted a sales and use tax exemption for electricity sold under solar power purchase agreements, effective 12/01/15. More…

Electricity Used by Restaurants Exempt in Indiana

Electricity used by a restaurant group qualified for the consumption exemption from Indiana sales and use tax. More…

Electricity Considered a Service, Not Tangible Personal Property for Colorado Manufacturing Exemption

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled that electricity production is treated as a service and qualifies for a manufacturing exemption. More…

Industrial Gas Producer Doesn’t Qualify for Manufacturing Exemption in Indiana

An Indiana industrial gas producer didn’t qualify for the state’s manufacturing exemption on equipment used to produce gases. More…

Nevada Exemption Violates Commerce Clause but Tax Still Constitutional

A Nevada electricity company was denied a use tax refund for coal purchased in another state. More…

Pipeline and Fittings for Gas Gathering System Exempt in Colorado

A Colorado company’s pipeline and fittings purchases qualified as exempt manufacturing machinery for the enterprise zone sales tax exemption. More…

Washington Amends Rule on Solar and Renewable Energy and Solar-Heat Systems

Washington updated a sales and use tax rule on the state’s exemption for certain solar and renewable energy systems, effective 07/28/14. More…

U. S. Supreme Court Rules that Rail Carrier’s Competitors are Comparison Class in Discrimination Claim

The U.S. Supreme Court found that motor and water carriers are an appropriate comparison in a claim that Alabama’s sales tax treatment is discriminatory in violation of the 4-R Act.