Sales Tax FAQs

We receive many questions regarding sales and use tax. We have included many of the questions and answers below. These answers are general and each state has different provisions. You should consult with a tax or business advisor for specific assistance. We also provide sales tax consulting services. Please contact us here.

What do I need to know about the Wayfair case and economic nexus?

What states impose sales/use tax?

What is nexus?

How do I know if I should be collecting tax in a state?

Can you collect and remit tax for a state even if not required to do so?

What is the difference between sales tax and use tax?

When making a sale, do you collect tax for the state that you are located in or the state where the customer is located?

How do Drop Shipments work for sales tax purposes?

Didn’t the Internet Tax Freedom Act (ITFA) ban taxes on sales over the Internet?

Why doesn’t the out-of-state retailer collect the tax?

If you don’t have nexus and don’t charge sales tax, are you liable if the customer does not pay the tax?

What is the Streamlined Sales Tax Project (SSTP)?

What is a resale certificate and who can use one?

What is an exemption certificate and who can use one?

How are contractors’ purchases taxed?

Is a sales tax return required even if my tax due is zero?

I am visiting from another country. Can I get a refund of sales taxes paid?

Do states provide a list of what is and is not taxable in their state?

I’m making sales over the Internet. Do I have to collect sales tax on all the sales I make?

What are Sales Tax Holidays and how do they work?

I Bought a Taxable Item and the Seller Didn’t Charge Sales Tax. Do I Have to Pay the Tax Anyway?

What is Sales Tax Compliance and How Do I Do It?

Which Sales Tax Institute course is right for me?

How do states tax rentals and leases?

As a U.S. seller, do I need to worry about VAT?