Sales Tax Education Course Catalog

Sales tax education, training and professional development opportunities available with the Sales Tax Institute can help you succeed no matter your experience with sales and use tax. Classes are available in many different delivery methods to be most convenient for you, and many classes provide CPE credits. Browse the library by topic, level or delivery method.

Learn best practices to implement in your business every day to help make yourself audit-proof when an auditor inevitably comes calling.

Get the latest guidance on managing unclaimed property and state updates in this 90-minute webinar so you can mitigate audit risk and stay compliant.

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All-Access Webinar Pass

All-Access webinar pass allows students to take 12 months of live webinars and access the full catalog of on-demand webinars at a fraction of the cost.

Learn sales tax essentials and requirements for Puerto Rico sales tax and how to overcome practical challenges for U.S. companies navigating tax on the island.

Get a full post-Wayfair nexus update and learn the most critical aspects of your business you should be monitoring to stay compliant in this 90-minute webinar.

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How to Maximize Your Sales Tax Advisory Relationship

Learn how prospective clients can find the best sales tax advisory model to meet their business needs and how advisors can hone their service offerings to provide maximum value.

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Taxing Technology Services

This 90-minute live webinar will dig into the nuances of taxing technology services so you can ensure you handle sales tax on these transactions correctly.

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Sales Tax for E-Commerce Businesses

Discover critical sales tax issues for online sellers, including marketplace sellers and sellers of digital goods and services, and what to do to stay sales tax compliant.

This expert-led 90-minute on-demand webinar covers significant 2022 legislative updates and how to manage the trickiest sales tax issues facing taxpayers today. Only available for a limited time!

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Sales Tax Challenges with Services

This 90-minute live webinar will cover the ins and outs of the taxation of services with real life examples so you are prepared to handle sales tax in this changing landscape.

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Sales Tax Issues and Exciting Exemptions for Manufacturers

This 90-minute live webinar will dive into state manufacturing definitions, how sales tax applies to key manufacturing processes, and the latest legislative updates so you can claim cost-saving sales tax exemptions and stay compliant.

Join experts from Alabama, Colorado, and Louisiana to learn how to manage home rule local sales tax obligations in those states.