Arizona Provides Clarification on Timeliness of Electronic Tax Payments

Arizona has enacted legislation that clarifies the timeliness of electronic tax payments. An electronic payment is deemed to have been made at the date and time that the taxpayer successfully authorizes the electronic funds transfer (EFT) from the taxpayer’s financial institution to the Department of Revenue as evidenced by an electronic payment confirmation issued by any of the following:

  • The Arizona Department of Revenue
  • The taxpayer’s financial institution
  • A vendor certified by the Arizona Department of Revenue

The rules for timeliness of electronic filing and payment can vary among the states. This guidance from Arizona helps taxpayers to understand the state’s guidelines and be able to prove the timeliness of tax payments. (H.B. 2875, Laws 2024, effective 91 days after adjournment of the 2024 Legislature)

Posted on April 30, 2024