Florida Issues FAQs on 2010 Sales Tax Holiday

The Florida Department of Revenue has offered clarification on this year’s sales tax holiday, taking place from August 13 through August 15, 2010. New and used books with a selling price of $50 or less qualify for the sales tax exemption. Newspapers, magazines, periodicals and audio books do not qualify for the tax exemption. Other items that qualify for the exemption are clothing, footwear and accessories (with a cap of $50 per item) and certain school supplies (with a cap of $10 per item). In all cases, if the item price exceeds the exemption cap the entire amount is taxable not just the excess. In addition, if an exempt item is bundled and sold with a taxable item, the entire amount is taxable. (2010 Sales Tax Holiday Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, Florida Department of Revenue, August 1, 2010). (08/10)

Posted on August 12, 2010