Louisiana Announces Dates for 2014 Tax Payment Amnesty Program

The Louisiana Department of Revenue has announced the dates for the state’s 2014 tax payment amnesty program. The amnesty program will take place October 15, 2014 through November 14, 2014. The amnesty program applies to all taxes administered by the department, except for motor fuel taxes and penalties for failure to submit information reports that are not based on an underpayment of tax. The amnesty program applies to taxes due prior to January 1, 2014, for which the department has issued an individual or a business proposed assessment, notice of assessment, bill, notice, or demand for payment not later than May 31, 2014. If qualified taxpayers pay all delinquent taxes, all penalties and 50% of the interest owed will be waived. Individual and business taxpayers now have the option to pay overdue tax through installment payments over six months. Taxpayers identified as noncompliant can expect to receive a letter and/or a recorded telephone message before the start of the amnesty program with instructions for submitting applications and payments online. For our further details on the program view our previous news item Louisiana Amends Tax Amnesty Program. (News Release, Louisiana Department of Revenue, August 13, 2014; Act 822 (H.B. 663), Laws 2014, effective August 1, 2014)

Posted on September 29, 2014