Minnesota Delivery of Aggregate Materials Subject to Sales Tax

Aggregate materials delivered in the state of Minnesota are subject to sales and use tax no matter who does the billing. Exemptions are allowed if an exemption certificate is presented proving the product is intended for industrial production or is to be a component of tangible personal property sold at retail. An exemption can also be claimed if the product is being sold to an exempt organization, delivery goes outside of Minnesota, and/or there is a sale of gravel to a township to be used exclusively for road maintenance. Delivery charges are subject to sales and use tax if the aggregate materials delivered are being used to make asphalt or concrete and will be used directly by the purchaser. Also, if the materials have been recycled out of construction debris, the delivery is subject to tax. (Revenue Notice No. 02-17, Minnesota Department of Revenue, October 21, 2002)

Posted on December 15, 2002