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The Sales Tax Nerd Community is an online network of sales tax professionals who want to grow their sales tax expertise and connect with equally passionate peers.

The membership brings together exclusive content and community. You will have access to an online membership platform for conversation and connecting, online courses, live group office hour calls with sales tax expert Diane Yetter, and a resource library of sales tax tools for an entire year.

The membership helps you build your sales tax knowledge base as you attend monthly webinars and digest new educational content shared on the membership platform. You’ll see new efficiencies in your workday as you trade best practices, tips, and ideas with peers and incorporate new sales tax tools into your processes.

No matter if you’re a sales tax department of one, in a department that lacks the collaboration you need, or you simply crave a sense of community with others in the profession – the Sales Tax Nerd Community is both for you and by you.

Be a part of honest and ongoing discussions about sales tax challenges in companies just like yours. You don’t have to take on this work alone.

Try 30 days in the STNC on us!

Ready to dive into your professional development? Excited to take the leap and dedicate yourself to your job?

You can begin your free 30-day trial of the Sales Tax Nerd Community anytime. The trial includes access to the membership platform, all of our resources, networking opportunities, and more!

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*The free 30-day trial does not include on-demand or live webinars. You must enter your credit card information at checkout and will be charged at the end of 30 days unless you cancel by emailing [email protected].

The Sales Tax Nerd Community Membership Includes:


Access to an exclusive online membership platform. This online platform is your social hub. You’ll connect with your peers, pose questions, and be a part of ongoing discussions about the sales tax issues you care about most.


Continuing education opportunities. You get access to the next 12 monthly live webinars on trending sales tax topics as well as unlimited access to our growing catalog of on-demand webinars you can watch anytime.


Quarterly “Office Hours” with Diane Yetter. You can work through any sales tax issues on your mind with our resident sales tax expert, Diane. Four 90-minute sessions are included in your membership. You’ll have the opportunity to get answers to your most pressing questions and learn from the questions of your peers.


Sales Tax Resource Library. You’ll have access to a collection of our best tools, charts, and handouts (not found anywhere else!) to assist you in your everyday sales tax work.


Multi-day course discounts. As a community member, you’re guaranteed to pay the lowest price to attend our in-person courses, Advanced Workshop or Basics of Sales and Use Tax, or enroll in our 9-week online course, Sales Tax Jumpstart.


STNC Mentoring Program. This structured program defines roles, drives accountability, and provides tools that help both mentors and mentees have an enriching professional experience and build a network of support among other sales tax pros. Cohorts of matched mentors and mentees start quarterly. As a member, you can apply to be a mentor, a mentee, or both!


… And much more! We have several more tricks up our sleeve to engage you from special guest speakers to private tech demos and beyond.


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Get exclusive content and conversations you can’t find anywhere else.

The online membership platform is the heart of the Sales Tax Nerd Community.

You’ll connect will sales tax professionals with all kinds of experience levels, from all types of industries, and varying specialties to work through sales tax issues and questions together.

The stories and experiences of other members may be exactly what you need to hear today to solve a problem or seize an opportunity. And vice versa! Every time you contribute a story, experience, or idea, you’re building a knowledge base every member of the community can tap into to make better decisions.

The platform is its own standalone website outside of the noise and clutter of social media. You can personalize your activity feed, follow the sales tax topics you care about, message your fellow sales tax pros, and pose questions and polls to the community all in one place.

Want a demo of the membership platform? Contact Emma from our team and she’ll give you a tour and answer any questions you may have!

Join the Community

“I feel like there’s somewhere I can go to ask questions. It’s a pool of knowledge I wouldn’t normally have access to.”


Do any of the following sound like you?

…You research sales tax issues all day long but still want confirmation (from a human!) that you found the right answer or are on the right track.

…Your company is entering a new state for business. You have a plan but could use some insider tips for navigating sales tax in that state, so you don’t overlook key rules, regulations, and other state-specific quirks.

…You’re already part of all the free social media groups for tax professionals but they aren’t usually sales tax-specific and your questions keep getting lost in the noise.

…You’ve already invested time, energy, and money in getting sales tax for your company in tip top shape but you know there are other ways out there to optimize your processes that you have yet to uncover.

…You’re part of a tax department but you’re the only one dedicated to sales tax. Your colleagues and bosses don’t understand the intricacies of sales tax and you don’t know where to turn when you run into major questions in your work.

You should be a part of a community that is specifically dedicated to you, the sales tax professional, and the unique situations you face.

The Sales Tax Nerd Community will help you answer your most pressing questions, connect with other sales tax pros who want to get into the nitty-gritty of sales tax, and celebrate your sales tax successes when nobody in your company understands.


Join the Sales Tax Nerd Community

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Make better, more well-informed decisions to surmount the sales tax roadblocks in your work with the support of the community.

Membership FAQs

Who is the best fit for this membership?

The Sales Tax Nerd Community is open to any professional who deals with sales tax as part of their responsibilities and wants to improve their skills, build their knowledge base, and connect with other professionals in the corporate environment.

There is no level or specific type of experience required. We only ask that you share your experiences generously, be supportive of your peers, respond to questions you have answers to, and ask plentiful questions to the community.

What if I cannot attend one of my 12 scheduled live webinars?

If, for some reason, you cannot attend one of your live webinars, your spot is easily transferable to one of your colleagues. Community members also receive recordings of the live webinars to which they have access for 30 days in case you can’t attend live or want to review a concept.

For more information specific to live webinar attendance, visit our Live Webinar FAQ page.

Can I share my Community Membership with others in my company?

Only the registered person will have access through their login to the community page. However, the membership has a number of benefits that an entire company/tax department can take advantage of. For example, we encourage you to have your co-workers join you for the live webinar presentations each month, on-demand webinars can be used to train new team members, tools and resources can be downloaded and shared, course discounts can extend to a team member, and more!

Can I earn CPE credit with my membership?

You will earn 1.8 CPE for each live webinar that you attend live for a total of 21.6 CPE credits over the course of one year. On-demand webinars and recordings of the live webinars do not qualify under CPE requirements.

What happens to my membership if my role changes or I leave the company?

If the membership is no longer relevant to your role, you can transfer the membership for the remaining term to another person in your company until the end of the term. Just send us an email at [email protected]

As a Community Member, can I make suggestions for webinar topics, tools or discussion topics for the office hours?

Absolutely! As a full-fledged sales tax nerd, we want this community to be what you need. There will be opportunities to make suggestions on all these topics right within the membership platform. And your suggestions carry extra weight! So, please submit them as often as you like. We can’t always guarantee when they will be offered, but the suggestions go into our evaluation.

Grow your expertise.
Crowd source your sales tax challenges.
Find community and networking, which are so priceless right now.

Join the Sales Tax Nerd Community 

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