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As a busy pro, it can be hard to find quality professional development throughout the year. The All-Access Webinar Pass takes care of all your required sales tax training in one easy step.

Learn from the experts about the sales and use tax issues that matter with full 12-month access to Sales Tax Institute’s monthly live webinars. The All-Access Webinar Pass grants you the ability to attend an entire year’s worth of Sales Tax Institute live webinars at a discounted price, saving you $850 throughout the year.  

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How Does It Work?

Upon getting the All-Access Webinar Pass, you are automatically registered to attend the next 12 months of Sales Tax Institute live webinars. Your pass will begin with the first available live webinar after your registration date and continue through with the following 11 monthly live webinars.  

To see the current list of live webinars, click here.

Each month, we will send webinar information and login instructions. No further work is required on your part and you are guaranteed a spot in the training.

If you can’t make one of the webinars, you are able to easily transfer your webinar login information to a colleague, making the webinar pass an excellent choice for teams.  

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“I have attended several webinars and recommend them to all my colleagues! They are excellent and completely relevant to my field of sales tax work.”

More About All-Access Webinar Pass

The All-Access Webinar Pass is an excellent choice for tax professionals that know they regularly attend live webinars and professional development courses.

The All-Access Webinar Pass locks in your spot for 12 months of CPE eligible classes (total of 18 credits) at a steep discount, saving you over 30% off. That means you get 4 webinars free!

If, for some reason, you cannot attend one of your webinars, your spot is easily transferable to one of your colleagues.

Plus, the pass is a great option for small teams or firms that need to stay updated on sales and use tax developments. There is no limit to the number of people that can join on the single line to the webinar. This is a great way to build expertise on your team and encourage engagement in a safe learning environment. All who attend and complete an evaluation form are eligible for CPE credit at no additional charge.

Live webinars cover a range of relevant issues that are important to sales and use tax today. The webinars require no prerequisites or advance preparation. We plan and announce  the live webinar topics on a quarterly basis so that we are always responding to the latest developments in the industry. For a list of what is coming up, please visit our course catalog.

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