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Build your sales tax fundamentals in just 90 minutes

How exactly does sales tax work from a corporate standpoint? How is sales tax determined, processed and submitted?

When sales tax suddenly becomes part of your job, it can be hard to get the basics down. Even seasoned finance and accounting practitioners can be confused by the twists and turns of the U.S. sales tax system – there is so much sales tax 101 information to know and few places to find reliable, up-to-date information.

This course helps you move past confused beginner to understanding sales tax 101 concepts.

This webinar also includes updated coverage of sales tax nexus, a fundamental sales tax concept, to reflect changes created by the created by the June 2018 U.S. Supreme Court decision, South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc.

About the Instructor

Diane L. Yetter, President & Founder, YETTER and Sales Tax Institute

Diane L. Yetter is the “Sales Tax Nerd TM” as well as a strategist, advisor, speaker and author in the field of sales and use tax. She is president and founder of YETTER Tax, a sales tax consulting and tax technology firm in business since 1996. She is also the founder of The Sales Tax Institute, which offers live and online courses to educate business professionals about sales and use tax.

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How Does It Work?

Sales Tax 101 On-Demand is a 30 day online rental through the popular streaming service, Vimeo.

Once you click Start Sales Tax 101 below, you will be taken to a simple web form to complete. From there, you’ll be sent to Vimeo to complete your purchase and gain access to the course.

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Very informative. Diane Yetter held my attention the entire hour and a half. I definitely need to take more classes.

More About Sales Tax 101 On-Demand Webinar

Sales Tax 101 On-Demand is a start and stop streaming rental of one of our most popular webinars. You have the course for 30 days and can watch the webinar as many times as you’d like during your rental period.

This webinar is the same sales tax 101 course that we’ve used to train hundreds of professionals who needed a basic understanding of corporate sales and use tax. This is a frequently sought-after course because sales tax is just not taught in schools! Most people try to piece together the information on their own, but there is no need. Now you can get your ducks in a row with this on-demand training.

The webinar is taught by leading sales tax expert and founder of the Sales Tax Institute, Diane Yetter.

The course is 90 minutes long and is not eligible for CPE credit.


Specifically the webinar covers:

  • The fundamentals of sales and use tax as it relates to U.S. transactions.
  • How sales tax works – what are some of the common misconceptions about it and pitfalls beginners make?
  • Terms and definitions a beginner needs to know so that you can more easily navigate conversations and documentation related to sales and use tax.
  • The important concept of nexus and how it impacts where you need to collect and remit sales and use tax. The nexus discussion reflects changes created by the June 2018 U.S. Supreme Court decision, South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc.
  • Sales tax exemptions, how and where they apply, and when you need to have exemption certificates.
  • How to apply sales tax in a corporate setting including some basics of what your company needs to do to stay compliant for sales and use tax.
  • Debunking common myths perpetrated on the internet. Sure, you can find information regarding sales and use tax on the internet, but is it correct and is it worth risking your business on a Google search?
  • How to build confidence that you’re handling sales tax correctly with training from one of the foremost experts in the field.
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