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State Rate


Range of Local Rates

0% – 7% Some local jurisdictions do not impose a sales tax.

Local Rates Apply to Use Tax

Yes/No Some of the cities and counties do apply use tax.


6/9/2010 and 11/1/2016


6/9/2010 and 11/1/2016 and 4/10/2018


Sales Tax as alternative to Notice/Reporting: 7/1/2018see state notice

Economic Nexus: 11/1/2019 – mandatory registration for remote sellers



Annual Back to School Holiday

August 2-4, 2024

1. Clothing and footwear – less than $100 per item (excluding accessories, special clothing or footwear primarily designed for athletic activity or protective use that is not normally worn except when used for athletic activity or protective use, or to the rental of clothing or footwear)



Amnesty Filing Dates

September 1, 2017 - November 30, 2017

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3 taxable years for annually filed taxes or 36 months for taxes that do not have an annual filing frequency.


Sales and use, mixed beverage, gasoline and diesel, gross production and petroleum excise, corporate and personal income, and personal withholding tax. More details.


Waiver of penalty, interest, and other collection fees.



Amnesty Filing Dates

Registration must occur before July 1, 2011

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The period that the retailer was not registered in Oklahoma if the retailer was not registered in the 12 months preceding June 9, 2010.


Business Use Taxes for out-of-state retailers.


Waiver of all uncollected use tax, penalties, and interest for uncollected use tax during the period the retailer was not registered in OK; must maintain registration for at least 36 months after amnesty; no registration fee will apply.



Amnesty Filing Dates

Registration must occur before July 1, 2011

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Any period more than one year prior to the date that consumer registers to pay use taxes.


Individual Use Taxes


Penalties, interest, and other collection fees due waived on outstanding use tax payments made. Use tax will not be assessed for any period more than one year prior to the date that consumer registers to pay use taxes.



Amnesty Filing Dates

September 14, 2015 - November 13, 2015

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Tax periods ending before January 1, 2015.


Mixed beverage tax; gasoline and diesel tax; gross production and petroleum excise tax; sales and use tax; income tax; withholding tax; and privilege tax. More details.


Interest and penalties waived.

Administration Information
Streamlined Sales Tax Status

Full Member


593 Sales Tax Jurisdictions



Sales Tax Sourcing (Intrastate)


Sales Tax Return Due Date

The 20th of the month following the reporting period

Exemption Information

Oklahoma Resale Certificate


Product types of exemptions: Prescription drugs, medical equipment and supplies, computer hardware and software used in R&D, newspapers, sales for resale


Entity types of exemptions: Certain nonprofit and charitable organizations, churches, health centers, fire departments, government, museums, schools


Oklahoma Exemption Certificate Forms

State Links
State Tax Web Page

Oklahoma Tax Commission

Rate Look-Up Page

History & Fun Facts

The state sales tax and use tax was first enacted in 1933 as a temporary one percent tax for the support of public schools. Two years later, the tax was renewed with revenues being deposited into the state General Fund. In 1939, the sales tax rate was increased to two percent with the revenues being used to fund public assistance programs.


Oklahoma amended its sales and use tax laws in 2003 to conform with the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement and become a member.

  • Oklahoma exempts prosthetics from sales tax, but not eyeglasses, or hearing aids.
  • Oklahoma taxes advertising in the yellow pages.

Oklahoma Amends Definitions of Food and Food Ingredients for Sales Tax Exemption

For purposes of Oklahoma’s sales tax exemption for food and food ingredients, the state has clarified the definition of “prepared food” and added definitions for “bottled water” and “food sold with eating utensils provided by the seller.”

Oklahoma Removes State Level Tax On Food Effective August 2024

The governor of Oklahoma has signed a bill that will reduce the state sales tax rate on food and food ingredients to zero percent.

Large Hotels in Oklahoma Are No Longer Taxed as Marketplace Facilitators

Oklahoma H.B. 2335 shifts the sales tax burden from marketplace facilitators to marketplace seller’s for hotels and motels with more than 12 rooms.

Oklahoma Updates Sales Tax Permit, Special Event, and Tax Lien Regulations

Oklahoma H.B. 2289 has changed provisions in three key areas: obtaining sales tax permits, organizing special events, and tax lien sales.

Streamlined Sales Tax Member States Submit New Certificates of Compliance and Update Tax Administration and Taxability Matrices for 2022

All Streamlined Sales Tax Agreement member states have now submitted their 2022 updated certificates of compliance, tax administration practice matrices, and updated library of definitions.

Oklahoma Makes Changes to Qualifications of Marketplace Facilitators

Oklahoma amended their definition of marketplace facilitator to include any person that facilitates any retail sales of “products,” not only retail sales of “tangible personal property.”

State Notices & Resources for Remote Sellers

Use this state by state guide to find each state\’s initial guidance on how to proceed post-Wayfair, state resources such as FAQs, and any state activity such as going through a legislative process that impacts remote sellers.

Economic Nexus State by State Chart

Key information such as effective dates, thresholds, and includable sales for out-of-state sellers making sales into states that have enacted economic nexus legislation both before and after the South Dakota v. Wayfair Supreme Court decision.

The Oklahoma Tax Commission Revised Sales and Use Tax Rules on Multi-Level Sales

Oklahoma’s sales and use tax rule change on multi-level sales details that if the products are not sold from the multi-level vendor in their original form and packaging to the distributor, then the distributor is required to collect tax on the sales price of the final product that is sold to the consumer.

Sales Tax Holiday Season is Here

With sales tax holiday season right around the corner, now is a good time to look at how sales tax holidays work and examine the different types of holidays that states offer.

Southwest Sales Tax Updates

What’s been happening in the Southwestern sales tax landscape lately? Let’s dig into some updates.

Oklahoma Enacts Exemption for Non-Profit Organizations Constructing Affordable Housing for Low Income Residents

Oklahoma has enacted an exemption for non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations on the construction of affordable housing for low income residents.

Purchases Made Prior to Eligibility Date Did Not Qualify for Oklahoma Sales Tax Exemption

Purchases of furniture were not exempt from Oklahoma sales and use tax since they were made prior to the effective date of the taxpayer’s exemption eligibility

Sellers May Be Contacted About Other Taxes Under New Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board Rule

Sellers registered through SSTP may be contacted about other taxes in the member states where they register with the SSTP.

Oklahoma Tax Commission Enhancing Encryption Methods for Taxpayers

Beginning September 1, 2019, the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) will begin enforcing stricter encryption methods on the OTC website.

Oklahoma Makes Amendments to Medical Equipment Exemption

Oklahoma has enacted legislation that makes changes to a medical equipment exemption.

The Southern States’ Reaction to SD v. Wayfair; A Summary

Post-Wayfair, significant sales tax legislative changes have happened on a daily basis, and the Southern states are no exception. We’ve seen a flurry of sales tax legislative activity recently regarding changes for remote sellers making sales into Southern states. If…

Oklahoma Extends Enterprise Zone Incentives

Oklahoma extended the deadline for companies to become certified and receive incentives for investment or development in an enterprise zone.

Oklahoma Enacts Changes to Economic Nexus Provisions

Effective November 1, 2019, Oklahoma has enacted changes to its existing economic nexus provisions.

House Introduces Online Sales Simplicity and Small Business Relief Act of 2018

On September 13, 2018, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) and additional U.S. House members introduced the Online Sales Simplicity and Small Business Relief Act of 2018.

Remote Seller Resources

Comprehensive list of resources for remote sellers following the South Dakota v. Wayfair Supreme Court decision – including state notices, videos, articles, training opportunities, and more.

U.S. Supreme Court Issues Decision In South Dakota v. Wayfair

On June 21, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in the South Dakota v. Wayfair case, ruling in favor of South Dakota and overturning Quill’s physical presence rule.

South Dakota v. Wayfair Analysis & Predictions: Sales Tax Experts Weigh-In

Sales tax experts lend their insight into and predictions for one of the most important U.S. Supreme Court decisions regarding sales tax in decades, South Dakota v. Wayfair.

Oklahoma Enacts Marketplace Nexus Legislation

Oklahoma enacted legislation requiring marketplace facilitators, remote sellers and referrers to either collect and remit Oklahoma sales tax or comply with notice and reporting requirements, effective April 10, 2018.