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Advanced Sales and Use Tax Workshop

May 22-24, 2017

Designed for sales tax specialists in the corporate or consulting environment, this live workshop will offer a facilitator-presented current issue followed by an in-depth, participant-wide discussion. Participants should have an intermediate understanding of sales and use tax concepts and a basic understanding of all scheduled course topics.


The prerequisite for this 23-CPE-hour course is four years (or equivalent) sales tax experience, but no advance preparation is required. Discussion topics include:


  • Product Classification: What Are You Selling and How is it Taxed?
  • Managing Exemptions for Purchasers and Sellers 
  • How to Stay Sales Tax Compliant  
  • Effective Audit Defense Techniques 
  • How to Conduct Tax Research Projects
  • Taxation of Software and the Cloud 
  • Update on Remote Collection, Click-Through Nexus, Affiliate Nexus, and SST
  • Legislative Updates



This 3-day live workshop grants 23 CPE credits. We do not accept registrations from government auditors.

Class Pricing:

$1595 for registrations received after April 23, 2017


Call (312) 701-1800 to inquire about group pricing.  



Who You'll be Learning From:


Diane Yetter

Diane Yetter









BJ PritchettB.J. Pritchett









Breen Schiller

Breen Schiller









This 3-day live workshop grants 23 CPE credits. 



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"I selected this for my 2010 training over a grad school class and wasn't disappointed."
– Amanda Heidenreich, Diversey, Inc.

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