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Basics of Sales and Use Tax

June 21, 23, 24, 28, and 30, 2021
10:00am - 3:30/3:45pm EST, see full schedule below
Live Virtual Course
26.75 CPE credits for the full course
$1117 for the full course or $250 per module
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Move from handling sales tax with nerve wracking, frustrating guesswork to shining as a go-to expert in your department.

Basics of Sales and Use Tax is an interactive online training course designed for individuals working in financial or accounting corporate and consulting environments. This course is best for those who currently handle (or will soon handle) sales and use tax for their company, themselves, or their clients.

Basics helps you learn all the sales tax basics you need. After the course, you will more easily manage your sales and use tax work. This live course is the premier training option for those looking to gain confidence, increase accuracy, and be better prepared for potential audits.

This course is best for those with less than four years of sales and use tax experience. We will help you overcome some of the most challenging sales and use tax concepts so you can minimize risk and be an asset to your department.

Keep scrolling for the full course schedule, 2021 benefits, learning objectives, a supervisor approval template, and more!

Basics of Sales and Use Tax Virtual Experience

Basics of Sales and Use Tax 2021 will take place on June 21, 23, 24, 28, and 30, 2021 in 4.5-4.75-hour time blocks. Sessions will be jam-packed with sales tax fundamentals, with a focus on the practical application of concepts through interactive engagement activities.

Take part in sessions on 5 days over two weeks – designed to fight Zoom fatigue – covering the most important topics to burgeoning sales tax professionals today.

All sessions will be taught live so you will still enjoy the interaction with the faculty and other participants and ask your questions in real time. If you can’t make it to the live sessions, don’t worry! All sessions will be recorded and you can watch all sessions on-demand for 30 days.

This year, there’s another special twist! We know that the inspiration and energy you gain during an industry conference can easily fade when you return to the day-to-day grind. To keep up the learning, connections, and inspiration after the course ends, each registration to Basics 2021 will include a complimentary three-month trial of our Sales Tax Nerd Community!

Access to the Community will allow you to continue to collaborate with your course colleagues and tap into a larger network of sales tax pros to share ideas with and get answers to your questions.

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2021 Sessions

Basics of Sales and Use Tax will help you be faster at decision making, improve your accuracy, and allow you to make more strategic sales tax recommendations with confidence. You will learn how to improve your workflow, eliminate guesswork, and reduce risk with a practical application, hands-on teaching approach.

Fundamental Sales Tax Topics Sessions

Learn all the sales tax fundamentals you need to move beyond frustrating guesswork and instead become the go-to sales tax pro in your company.

Basics of Sales and Use Tax is different than other training programs because it focuses on the practical application of sales and use tax concepts. We want you to be able to apply what you learn to your job right away. We will teach the following fundamental sessions:

  • Foundations of Sales Tax
  • Nexus and Registration
  • Exemptions and Drop Shipments
  • Compliance, Audits, and Automation


Industry Overview & Breakout Sessions

Basics 2021 will introduce the most important industry-specific sales tax issues for the 10 most common industries: construction, healthcare, hi-tech, hospitality, leasing, manufacturing, professional services, retail, telecom, and utilities. Plus, each attendee will be able to attend one industry deep-dive breakout session where you can learn from an industry specialist and interact with peers in your industry. Breakout sessions offered will be dependent on those that attend.




There are two ways you can register for the course:

1) Full Course Registration

Register for the entire course to receive full coverage of the fundamental sales and use tax concepts you need to know. You’ll also receive a discounted rate for purchasing the course in full.

2) Purchase Individual Modules

You can craft a personalized agenda that works for you by registering for individual modules. You can select the modules you need to fill in any knowledge gaps and those most applicable to the needs of your company.

Full Course Price: $1117

Price Per Module: $250

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Other Course Details:

CPE Information

Cancellation/Compliant Policy

Basics 2021 Faculty


Diane L. Yetter
President, YETTER Tax and Sales Tax Institute
Trisha Davidson
Tax Manager, YETTER Tax and Sales Tax Institute
B.J. Pritchett
President, Pritchett Sales and Use Tax Consulting
Jordan Goodman
Partner, HMB Legal Counsel
Carolynn Kranz
Founder & Managing Member, Kranz & Associates, PLLC and Industry Sales Tax Solutions, LLC
Rachel Le Mieux
State & Local Tax Partner, BDO
David Hughes
Partner, HMB Legal Counsel
Christine Brune Cudney
ALT Director, Non-Income Tax, Ameren Services

Basics Curriculum

The Basics curriculum will give you:

  • The impact of South Dakota v. Wayfair on nexus across the states and how to handle it for your business.
  • The most updated tax research tools available to you in order to stay 100% on top of compliance.
  • Proven audit preparedness tactics so that you aren’t caught off guard when you receive an audit notice.
  • Case studies reflecting the way that sales and use tax conundrums are being handled today.
  • The Sales and Use Tax reference workbook – this is a gold mine of reference information that you and your department will use for YEARS after the program.
  • An opportunity to build your community through access to the Sales Tax Nerd Community online platform for three months after the course ends.
  • The ability to earn 26.75 CPE credits.


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It [Basics] has given me more resources to be able to expand what I’m able to do, which helps me grow and helps my company grow. We’ll be able to bring in more clients and some larger clients going through.


Learning Objectives for the Basics of Sales and Use Tax Live Course

  • Define relevant terms in sales tax basics so that you are always ready for any lingo thrown at you
  • Learn nexus applications and how they vary from situation to situation to help you navigate these murky waters, including how the South Dakota v. Wayfair decision is impacting your obligations today
  • Learn the ins and outs of drop shipments so you can go from wondering how to document these transactions work to making them work correctly whether you are the buyer or the seller
  • See how to find and identify exemptions that save your company money and make you look like a hero in the process
  • Get audit preparation and defense techniques that will empower you in these stressful situations
  • Discover ways that sales and use tax functions can be structured in your department to improve processes and workflow for the entire team
  • Receive coaching on how to make administrative and taxability decisions for your department so that you can gain confidence in the decision-making process
  • Discover tax research tools and methods that shorten your time looking up answers and eliminate guesswork
  • Take part in lively examinations of ethical issues in sales and use tax using real-life case studies
  • Have one-on-one access to the instructors where you can bring specific questions about your unique situation to review with our pros

Basics Course + 3-Month Sales Tax Nerd Community Access

Your learning won’t end when the Basics 2021 sessions are over, because your registration also includes a three-month trial of our Sales Tax Nerd Community.

How will it work?

During the Basics course and for three months after the course ends, you will be granted complimentary access to the Sales Tax Nerd private online membership platform. This will give you an amazing outlet to continue to ask questions, collaborate with your course colleagues, and work through sales tax issues with sales tax professionals of all experience levels, industries, and specialties.

The membership platform is the heart of the Community and its standalone website. You can personalize your activity feed, access a library full of helpful sales tax tools, message your fellow sales tax pros, and pose questions and polls to the Community all in one place.

Sales Tax Nerd Community expands your sales tax team, giving you the insight and expertise of other sales tax pros within reach of your keyboard. You’ll get your daily dose of inspiration, strategic advice, and community.

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“I am already getting use out of the knowledge I acquired in the course, and I’ve told my boss twice that it was money well spent. Thanks for all the great info and insights! The class not only educated me but also inspired me and opened my eyes to a potential niche, I go around calling myself by my superhero name now, “Audit Defense Warrior.””

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