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Basics of Sales and Use Tax

Chicago, IL
23 CPE credits

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Move from handling sales tax with nerve wracking, frustrating guesswork to shining as a go-to expert in your department.

Basics of Sales and Use Tax is an interactive live training course designed for individuals working in financial or accounting corporate and consulting environments. This course is best for those who currently handle (or will soon handle) sales and use tax for their company, themselves, or their clients.

Basics helps you learn all the sales tax basics you need. After the course, you will more easily manage your sales and use tax work. This live course is the premier training option for those looking to gain confidence, increase accuracy, and be better prepared for potential audits.

This course is best for those with less than four years of sales and use tax experience. We will help you overcome some of the most challenging sales and use tax concepts so you can minimize risk and be an asset to your department.

Additional Details About Basics of Sales and Use Tax

Basics of Sales and Use Tax is a live training course that involves sessions covering the different fundamental sales tax concepts over a period of three days.

All attendees take classes together and the sessions involve a mixture of lecture, case studies, and group discussions. The unique curriculum is designed to focus on the most critical sales tax basics you need to help your company and/or clients today.

Classes are taught by the top professionals in the industry who have specialized backgrounds in different areas of sales and use tax so that you get a wide range of viewpoints. Sessions are interactive and informative and include time for Q&A.

PLUS, all attendees have the opportunity for one-on-one access to the faculty where they can answer specific questions and help with specific situations. Furthermore, we never allow government auditors to attend our live courses, so you can safely ask your specific questions without fear.

Basics of Sales and Use Tax is different than other training programs because it focuses on the practical application of sales and use tax concepts. We want you to be able to apply what you learn to your job right away when you are done. And we succeed. In fact, many alumni of the Basics of Sales and Use Tax course state that what they learned at Basics helps them better manage their day-to-day work for long after the course.

The course will help you be faster at decision making, improve your accuracy, and allows you to make more strategic sales tax recommendations with confidence. You will learn how to improve your workflow, eliminate guesswork, and reduce risk with a practical application, hands-on teaching approach.

The most unique part of Basics is the size. We limit the number of participants to under 80 students. We do this so that everyone gets a chance to learn, discuss, and make meaningful connections with one another. We keep things intimate so that you get the focused attention and guidance that you need to really understand sales and use tax.

In short, Basics helps you end nerve wracking, frustrating guesswork and instead shine as the go-to sales tax expert in your department.


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It [Basics] has given me more resources to be able to expand what I’m able to do, which helps me grow and helps my company grow. We’ll be able to bring in more clients and some larger clients going through.

Basics Curriculum

The Basics curriculum will give you:

  • The impact of South Dakota v. Wayfair on nexus across the states and how to handle it for your business.
  • The most updated tax research tools available to you in order to stay 100% on top of compliance.
  • Proven audit preparedness tactics so that you aren’t caught off guard when you receive an audit notice.
  • Case studies reflecting the way that sales and use tax conundrums are being handled today.
  • The Sales and Use Tax reference workbook – this is a gold mine of reference information that you and your department will use for YEARS after the program.
  • An outlet to build your community during social events for attendees where you can get to know your course colleagues and instructors in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • The chance to really immerse yourself. We limit Basics to under 80 participants so that everyone gets a chance to learn, discuss, and make meaningful connections. This isn’t a huge conference where you’re one of thousands – you’ll get direct attention and guidance.
  • The ability to earn 23 CPE credits.



“I am already getting use out of the knowledge I acquired in the course, and I’ve told my boss twice that it was money well spent. Thanks for all the great info and insights! The class not only educated me but also inspired me and opened my eyes to a potential niche, I go around calling myself by my superhero name now, “Audit Defense Warrior.””


Learning Objectives for the Basics of Sales and Use Tax Live Course

  • Define relevant terms in sales tax basics so that you are always ready for any lingo thrown at you
  • Learn nexus applications and how they vary from situation to situation to help you navigate these murky waters, including how the South Dakota v. Wayfair decision is impacting your obligations today
  • Learn the ins and outs of drop shipments so you can go from wondering how to document these transactions work to making them work correctly whether you are the buyer or the seller
  • See how to find and identify exemptions that save your company money and make you look like a hero in the process
  • Get audit preparation and defense techniques that will empower you in these stressful situations
  • Discover ways that sales and use tax functions can be structured in your department to improve processes and workflow for the entire team
  • Receive coaching on how to make administrative and taxability decisions for your department so that you can gain confidence in the decision-making process
  • Discover tax research tools and methods that shorten your time looking up answers and eliminate guesswork
  • Take part in lively examinations of ethical issues in sales and use tax using real-life case studies
  • Have one-on-one access to the instructors where you can bring specific questions about your unique situation to review with our pros
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