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Advanced Sales and Use Tax Workshop

April 25-27, 2022
Chicago, IL
23 CPE credits

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Advanced Sales and Use Tax is an interactive sales tax workshop designed for sales tax specialists in corporate or consulting environments. The workshop is designed for individuals who have four or more years of experience in sales and use tax.

This intensive workshop involves expert-led sessions, case study breakdowns, lively discussions, and deep dives into advanced topics where we help solve your toughest sales and use tax issues.

Advanced Workshop consists of deep-dive sessions into trending sales tax topics and industry update sessions detailing the latest legislative developments and state-specific updates in industries relevant to attendees.

It is a workshop unlike any other sales tax training opportunity out there. You’ll learn how to see things in a new light and increase your level of expertise to help you take that next leap in your career development.

Additional Details About Advanced Sales and Use Tax Workshop

Have you reached a point in your career where you’re looking to explore expert-level concepts?

Are you looking for ways to not just improve processes, but streamline your entire department so that you are operating at the highest efficiency, effectiveness, and  accuracy?

Do you already know the fundamentals about nexus, drop shipments, compliance and other sales and use tax concepts and are looking for those advanced nuances to really increase your knowledge and expertise?

Are you ready to truly specialize and take on stronger leadership positions that allow you to demand better titles, pay, and positions with your master level knowledge?

Imagine if you could achieve all of this and more with a support group of like-minded professionals in just a matter of days.

We created Advanced Sales and Use Tax Workshop to help you move from a capable practitioner to a true master in sales and use tax.

Advanced Sales and Use Tax Workshop is a live seminar that involves an in-depth look at specific sales tax topics. Attendees work together to unpack important sales tax issues in a series of sessions that involve lecture, case studies, and group discussions. The advanced workshop will help you rethink important sales and use tax topics and get up-to-date on legislative changes that are affecting your company and/or clients today.

Additional Information about CPE

Cancellation/Complaint Policy

Sessions are lead by the top professionals in the industry that have specialized backgrounds in different areas of sales and use tax so that you get a wide range of viewpoints. We encourage interactivity and lots of questions. PLUS, all attendees have the opportunity for one-on-one access to the faculty where they will help answer specific questions and situations. Furthermore, we never allow government auditors to attend our live courses, so you can safely discuss your situation without fear.

The Advanced Sales and Use Tax Workshop is a symposium unlike any other opportunity out there. We help you see things in a new light and increase your level of expertise to help you achieve your career goals.

And we succeed. In fact, alumni of the Advanced Workshop report that what they learn at this event helps them position themselves for leadership roles, promotions, positions at different companies, snag bigger clients, and even leverage better pay!

Even without potential career accolades, this course will help you make faster decisions, improve your accuracy, and increase your ability to offer strategic sales tax recommendations.

The most unique part of Advanced is the size. We limit the number of participants so that everyone gets a chance to learn, discuss, and make meaningful connections with one another. You get the focused attention and guidance that you need to really stand out as an expert.

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about others’ experiences on a day-to-day basis and issues they might be facing. Their experiences give me another way to look at things. You get this through all the sharing that occurs with that more one-on-one, direct instruction of Advanced Workshop.”


Additional Benefits for Advanced Attendees

Advanced covers a range of sales and use tax topics and provides:

  • One-on-one access to the instructors where you can bring specific questions about your unique situation to review with our pros.
  • Government auditor free classrooms so you feel safe to ask any question you may have. Government auditors are not allowed to attend our live courses.
  • Social events for attendees where you can get to know your workshop colleagues and instructors in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • The Sales and Use Tax reference workbook that includes hundreds of pages of guidelines, rules, laws, and regulations that you can keep in your office and use for years to come.
  • 23 CPE credits.

“The program encompasses multiple industries while taking the time to go through a detailed analysis of each. This program would be helpful no matter which industry you are in.”

Advanced Workshop 2021 Topics

Here is the list of our 2021 topics to help you get an understanding of the types of topics we offer for Advanced Workshop.

Advanced Workshop 2021 will help you rethink important sales and use tax topics and get up-to-date on legislative changes that are affecting your company and/or clients today. Attendees work together to unpack important sales tax issues through lecture time, case studies, and group discussions.

Deep-Dive Trending Topic Sessions

Each of these topics will be taught over a 2.25-hour session to really understand the issues and help you develop practical strategies to apply in your business.

Managing Sales Tax Exposures – Amnesty, VDAs, and Settlements
If you uncover that your company has sales tax exposure through a nexus analysis or a self-audit, what is your next step? You certainly don’t want this information to be found in an audit! Discover how to come forward and get compliant in the most financially beneficial way for your company by learning about the differences between amnesty programs, voluntary disclosure agreements, and settlements. You’ll learn how to choose the option best for your company as well as tried and true negotiation tactics to modify standard agreements and get your desired outcome. We’ll also discuss how you can address exposure if you are already registered or as part of an audit.

Breaking Down Local Taxes: Compliance & Audit Challenges
When you do business in a state, you must understand the full tax landscape. This includes knowing all the localities – counties, cities, special purposes districts, etc. – where you must collect tax as well as the type of tax you must collect. Does the Wayfair decision apply to localities? What do the locals need to do in order to pass the test that it isn’t an undue burden on remote sellers? This session will unpack the myriad of taxes that can apply at the local level based on your industry (meals, occupancy, entertainment, and streaming taxes), compliance challenges of dealing with home rule states, and taxability issues to watch out for. You’ll also learn about the latest trends in audits as localities fight to get their fair share of tax revenue.

Tax Process Automation using RPA and AI
Implementing a tax engine is just the beginning of your journey with tax process improvement and automation for the sales tax function. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can deliver immense value by automating critical processes that take the mundane, routine, and “urgent” demands off your plate so you can focus on what’s really important. Explore applications of RPA and AI to the tax function – from exemption certificate management to product mapping to help desk functions and beyond. We’ll also talk about some of the tools available to empower you with this burgeoning tech.


Impact of Remote Employees on Sales Tax
Physical presence as a nexus-creating activity hasn’t gone away. Companies must keep track of where their employees, both temporary and permanent, are located to understand their tax collection responsibilities. Are there exceptions for temporary locations due to the pandemic? If so, how long will it last and does it actually apply to sales/use tax nexus? Especially with the remote employee movement growing, your company needs to stay on top of potential tax consequences from the effect on your registration types to the tax rate you need to collect to the returns you need to file. This session will explore the sales tax and other tax implications of remote employees so you can avoid potential headaches down the road.

Resale Exemptions: Can these Apply to non TPP Sales?
The only consistent exemption across all states is the resale exemption. For manufacturers and retailers, this is usually pretty easy to figure out. But can these apply to sales of services? What about purchases of tangible items that are provided with a taxable service? The ability to claim a resale exemption on purchases can result in some serious cost savings. The challenge is that depending on the type of product or service you sell, it can be difficult to determine whether your inputs qualify for the exemption. This session will cover the types of situations and purchases for which you can claim a resale exemption. We’ll dive into the implications for giveaways, complimentary items, taxable services, business services, and beyond so you are more confident in claiming resale exemptions for your business activities.

Digital Goods and Streaming Content – What Taxes Apply?
2020 caused an explosion of new virtual delivery methods for everything from our workouts to concerts to education. Now, more than ever, it’s critical to understand how states (and localities!) define digital goods and streaming content for tax purposes as they attempt to fit new virtual delivery methods into existing definitions. This session will dig into the definitions of digital goods and streaming content, the different taxes that may apply, and how to look for exclusions and exemptions so you are prepared no matter if you are on the buyer or seller side of these transactions.


Industry Update Sessions

Industry update sessions are 1 hour in length and share the latest legislative developments and state-specific sales tax updates relevant to the industry.



Professional Services






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Location & Hotel Information

Advanced Sales and Use Tax Workshop 2022 will take place at the Union League Club of Chicago. The ULCC is a prominent Chicago private club, conveniently located in the heart of Chicago’s downtown financial district with easy access to downtown Chicago attractions and restaurants.

Advanced Workshop Group Rate: $199 per room + 20% per night surcharge

Sales Tax Institute does not book your hotel room for you, you must reserve your own hotel room.

More on the hotel and how to book your room

Additional Location Highlights & Information

Food & Drink

Continental breakfast will be provided to all attendees from 8:00am – 8:30am each day. Lunch, snacks, and beverages are also provided.

A welcome dinner exclusively for Advanced attendees is held on Monday evening at a classic Chicago institution. All food and drink is on us at this event so please plan to attend and meet your fellow workshop colleagues!


Getting There

The hotel is easily accessible from either of Chicago’s airports: Midway International Airport or O’Hare International Airport using public transit (35-35 minutes) or a cab/ride-sharing (30-50 minutes depending on traffic). Parking is available with the hotel (rates apply). All transportation and parking costs are the attendee’s responsibility.

Questions about the course, hotel, or registration process? Visit the Live Course FAQ page to get answers.

FAQ’s for Advanced workshop