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State Rate


Range of Local Rates

0% – 5% Some local jurisdictions do not impose a sales tax.

Local Rates Apply to Use Tax







6/21/2018see state notice



Administration Information
Streamlined Sales Tax Status

Advisory State


82 Sales Tax Jurisdictions



Sales Tax Sourcing (Intrastate)


Sales Tax Return Due Date

Monthly filers: 20th of month following reporting period. Quarterly filers: last day of month following reporting period

Exemption Information

New York Resale Certificate


Product types of exemptions: qualifying tractors, trailers, semitrailers, or omnibuses; promotional materials and associated services; computer system hardware; textbooks for college students; operators of internet data centers; capital improvement services; property and certain services for farm production or commercial horse boarding; purchase of a racehorse; purchases relating to guide, hearing, and service dogs; residential use of energy; and various others


Entity types of exemptions: Contractors; exempt organizations purchases; hotel rooms used by veterans; hotel rooms used by New York State or federal employees; certain property or services delivered on a Reservation; state or federal purchase orders


New York Exemption Certificate Forms

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History & Fun Facts

  • The New York state sales and compensating use taxes on tangible personal property were effective August 1, 1965. Before that time, tax was imposed by the state and 12 other local governments.
  • New York was an early adopter of “Amazon laws.” In 2008, the state amended its sales and use tax law to expand the state’s definition of nexus to include companies that do not have physical presence other than in-state affiliates.

  • New York taxes prepared food items. In 2010, this tax was brought to people’s attention because it was affecting a New York favorite: the bagel. Bagels bought whole and taken away are not taxed. However, bagels that are sliced, toasted, or served with a “schmear” such as cream cheese cross the line into being prepared food and are subject to sales tax.
  • New York has an excellent FAQ on what is considered a sandwich for tax purposes.

New York Tax Tribunal Finds Taxpayer Cannot Take Credits For Refunds Paid To Lessees

New York Tax Tribunal Finds Taxpayer Cannot Take Credits For Refunds Paid To Lessees

New York Rules SaaS Vendor Management System Fees as Taxable Software Licensing

The New York Tax Appeals Tribunal has upheld an earlier ruling by an administrative law judge (ALJ) that fees charged by a taxpayer for their vendor management system (VMS), provided through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, are subject to taxation as software licensing.

New York Updates Cap Amount for Sales Tax Exemption for Electronic News Services

The cap amount for the New York sales and use tax exemption on sales and uses of electronic news services is set to increase.

New York Rules Federal Service Fees Partly Subject to Tax in Bundled Telecommunication Service Ruling

A judge for the New York State Department of Tax Appeals denied a Time Warner subsidiary’s appeal of an audit ruling related to sales tax not collected on Federal fees charged to customers on bundles of interstate and in-state Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services.

New York Upholds Advertising Analysis Service as Taxable Information Service

The Appellate Division, Third Department, of the state of New York has upheld a Tax Appeals Tribunal Ruling that a business that creates and provides recommendations based on data from advertising campaigns is providing taxable information services.

The Rise of Retail Delivery Fees: Unveiling the Impact on Consumers

We are putting the Colorado Retail Delivery Fee center stage and diving into how its story has unfolded thus far.

New York Department of Taxation and Finance Refusal to Issue Certificate of Authority Upheld

After reviewing the facts of the case and considering petitions from both sides, the Administrative Law Judge determined the Department of Taxation was within its power to refuse to issue a certificate of authority despite Bar 13, Inc declaring Chapter 11 Bankruptcy because the Department had previously revoked Bar 13’s certificate of authority.

The State of New York Maintains that End-of-lease Adjustments for Fleet Cars are Not Eligible for a Sales Tax Refund

A fleet management company that leases fleets of vehicles to businesses in New York was told by an administrative law judge at the New York Division of Tax Appeals that it could not claim sales tax credits for refunds of tax paid to vehicle lessees at the end of their leases following a rental adjustment that decreased the total rent paid under the lease.

New York Appeals Court ruling on sales tax refund for concrete offers reminder of the critical role invoicing plays in sales tax

A July 2022 slip opinion ruling by New York Appellate Division’s Third Department against a company claiming eligibility for sales tax refunds on several purchases of concrete is a reminder that companies can save vendors money simply by the way they package goods for sale.

New York Upholds Taxability of Gift Card Promotions

The New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division held Apple Inc. accountable for not collecting an appropriate amount of sales tax on the promotional gift cards given with certain purchases.

Service Providers: Don’t Assume You Are Always Tax-Free!

Service providers—especially in the professional services realm—can be quick to assume that their services are nontaxable and that they do not need to collect sales tax and remit sales tax on their sales of services.

State Notices & Resources for Remote Sellers

Use this state by state guide to find each state\’s initial guidance on how to proceed post-Wayfair, state resources such as FAQs, and any state activity such as going through a legislative process that impacts remote sellers.

New York Guidance on Sales of Solar Energy Systems

The New York State Department of Revenue released a publication specifying the combined state and local sales and use tax rates for each county or locality, effective March 1, 2022.

New York Advertising Analysis Service Provider to Collect Sales Tax

A New York company that helps clients measure the effectiveness of advertising efforts is considered an information services provider.

New York Grants Sales Tax Refund to Online Loan Marketplace

A New York taxpayer, an online loan marketplace, filed a petition against the Department of Revenue for a sales tax refund from the state since its primary function is not as an information services provider.

Economic Nexus State by State Chart

Key information such as effective dates, thresholds, and includable sales for out-of-state sellers making sales into states that have enacted economic nexus legislation both before and after the South Dakota v. Wayfair Supreme Court decision.

New York Releases Advisory Opinion on Software and Consulting Services

In an Advisory Opinion dated November 17, 2020, the New York Commissioner clarified their position on the taxability of consulting services that provide access to online customer portals.

Taxpayer‘s Online Webcasting and Virtual Communication Solution Not Subject to New York Sales Tax

A taxpayer’s cloud-based webcasting and virtual communications solution was not found subject to sales tax in New York.

New York Clarifies that Certain Database Service is not Subject to Sales Tax

The New York Commissioner of Tax and Finance advised a petitioner that their reports of individual consumer data, which is provided only for the specific consumer to see, is not subject to sales tax.

Services to Measure Advertising Effectiveness Are Taxable in New York

A taxpayer’s services to measure the effectiveness of advertising were subject to New York sales and use tax since they qualify as taxable information services.

New York Announces COVID-19 Tax Relief for Restaurants and Food Service Establishments

New York has issued a notice announcing sales and use tax relief for restaurants and food service establishments due to COVID-19.

Safety Manager Services on Construction Sites Taxable in New York

Providing site safety managers, fire safety managers, and emergency action watchmen for work on construction sites is subject to New York sales and use tax.

Certain wall partitions qualify for capital improvements exemption from New York sales tax

A taxpayer’s installation of different types of wall partitions qualified as capital improvements exempt from New York sales tax.

New York Implements Paper Carryout Bag Reduction Fee

Effective March 1, 2020, the state of New York authorizes counties and cities the option to impose a five-cent paper carryout bag reduction fee.