Frequently Asked Questions for Live Webinars


Questions? We have answers. See below to get the details you may be missing.

Registration Process

I received an error message when trying to register. What happened?

One of the most common errors you may encounter while registering is due to the incorrect billing address being entered under “Billing Information.” The address you enter under “Billing Information” must match the credit card billing info.

I didn’t receive a receipt. How can I obtain a copy of the receipt?

Check your spam/junk folder and look for a receipt from Diane Yetter. If it is not located in there, you can request a copy by emailing us at [email protected]

Can multiple people attend the webinar?

Each registration is unique and entitles the registrant to one login.  If you have multiple people that are listening watching together, that is acceptable and encouraged. If, however, you want separate logins for people in different offices or for individuals to dial in separately, you will need to register each of these individuals.  If multiple people login with the same link all will be disconnected or if we have a credit card we will charge for each additional person that does not have a registration on file.

I can’t attend live. Can I still register and receive a recording later?

Our webinars are taught live to enhance your learning experience through segments like the Q&A section. Recordings of the webinars are not provided. We cannot offer CPE credit for webinars that are not attended live.

Webinar Process

When will I receive my log in information? 

It’s automated so you should receive it shortly after your purchase. The log in information you will receive comes from Zoom <[email protected]>

When will I receive the PDF materials to follow during the webinar?

One day before the webinar, at around 2:00pm Central time, you will receive an email from Tatisa Joiner ([email protected]) with a PDF of the webinar materials.

When can I expect to receive my CPE credits?

One hour after the webinar you will receive a link to complete a survey from Diane Yetter | Sales tax Institute – [email protected]. Complete the survey and be sure to include the three secret words that we give you during the webinar, and we will email your Certificate of Completion to you one week after the webinar. If there are polling questions during the webinar, you will need to participate in the polling questions and fill out the survey.

Webinar Troubleshooting

It’s the day of the webinar and I’m trying to log into the webinar but keep getting an error message. What can I do?

If you log into Zoom too early before the moderator opens the webinar, you may get an error message. Wait until 15 minutes before the webinar to use the link you’ve been emailed to log into Zoom. If you log in any earlier, you will have to log out and log back in before the webinar begins. Contact [email protected] if you continue to have issues.

I have logged in 10 minutes before the webinar and can’t get into Zoom.  I keep receiving an error from Zoom to please hold while we connect you. 

Open a different browser on your computer (for example, if you are having difficulty logging in with Internet Explorer, try using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) and try to login using the link you were emailed.  If that doesn’t work, make sure the computer you are using meets Zoom’s operating requirements.

I can see the webinar but I can’t hear anything.

Audio is available either through your computer using the speakers or via call in.  If you are using the computer speakers, make sure your speakers aren’t muted and that your volume is at a comfortable level.  If this isn’t working, try changing to telephone audio and calling in.

Miscellaneous Questions

Can you list more future webinar topics on your website? 

We announce our next three upcoming webinars on a quarterly basis throughout the year.

Three co-workers sat with me at my desk to participate in the webinar. Can all four of us get CPE credits when only one of us registered?

A survey link will be sent to the registrant one hour after the webinar. The registrant can forward that survey link onto the other co-workers who participated in the webinar. The survey must be completed (and the three secret words given during the webinar must be included) by webinar attendees wishing to receive CPE credits. If there are polling questions during the webinar, you will need to participate in the polling questions and fill out the survey.

Once the surveys are completed and submitted, certificates of completion will be emailed one week after the webinar.

All-Access Webinar Pass

Which webinars do I get access to with the All-Access Webinar Pass?

Once you purchase the All-Access Webinar Pass, we’ll automatically register you for the next 12 consecutive live monthly webinars.

Do I get access to recordings of the live webinars with the All-Access Webinar Pass?

Yes, All-Access Webinar Pass members will receive a link approximately 1 week after each live webinar with a recording of the webinar which they’ll have access to for 30 days.

What if I have to miss one of my 12 monthly live webinars?

With the All-Access Webinar Pass, if you can’t make a webinar, you can have somebody attend in your place. Just notify us with the person’s name and email address.

Do I get access to any of the webinars on-demand with the All-Access Webinar Pass?

Yes, All-Access Webinar Pass members also get unlimited access to the Sales Tax Institute catalog of on-demand webinars during the 12-month duration of their pass. Members will be sent a unique code via email after registering that will give them access.