Drop Shipments

Sales Tax FAQs

Explore commonly asked questions about sales and use tax. A great starting place to learn about fundamental sales tax concepts and general applications to business.

Drop Shipment Myths Debunked

Drop shipments are common but tricky transactions. Given that a large number of companies are dealing with these transactions in a changing sales tax landscape, there are some common misunderstandings floating around. How can you tell drop shipment facts from…

Drop Shipments: What Makes Sales Tax So Difficult?

To help you understand some of the main issues related to drop shipments, we’ve assembled some fundamentals and FAQs.

Drop Shipments: Taxation, Compliance and Planning

Drop Shipments: Taxation, Compliance and Planning by Diane Yetter helps sales and use tax professionals sift through the tangle of state rules related to multi-party drop-shipment transactions.

Remote Seller’s Sales Fulfilled from Third-Party Warehouse Taxable in Missouri

An out-of-state seller’s sales of products fulfilled by a third-party warehouse in Missouri were subject to Missouri sales tax.

Company’s Sales for Resale to Subsidiary Don’t Require Registration and Collection of Virginia Sales Tax

A company with no operations or physical presence in Virginia is not required to register or collect sales tax on sales for resale it makes to a subsidiary.