Drop Shipments

Sales Tax Best Practices for E-Commerce Businesses

In this blog post, we will explore some essential best practices for e-commerce businesses to successfully handle sales tax.

Missouri Clarifies Tax Responsibility of Sellers in Drop Shipping Transactions

The Missouri Department of Revenue issued a letter ruling clarifying which party in a drop shipping transaction is ultimately liable for collecting tax from Missouri customers.

3 Things E-Commerce Sellers Need to Know About Sales Tax

Learn three major sales tax issues every e-commerce business needs to understand: nexus, marketplace facilitator laws, and drop shipping.

Tennessee Repeals Rule Regarding Drop Shipments

After the repeal of Rule 96, Tennessee suppliers can accept resale certificates issued by other states or the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate.

California Clarifies Relationship Between Marketplace Sales and Drop Shipments

California’s Department of Tax and Fee Administration proposed amendments to their regulations that clarify that marketplace sales are not drop shipments.

Sales Tax for Drop Shipments Explained Video

Drop shipments may feel confusing or frustrating, but they can become second nature for you when you know the rules. Dive into the details of drop shipments.

Drop Shipment Myths Debunked

Drop shipments are common but tricky transactions. Given that a large number of companies are dealing with these transactions in a changing sales tax landscape, there are some common misunderstandings floating around. How can you tell drop shipment facts from…

Remote Seller’s Sales Fulfilled from Third-Party Warehouse Taxable in Missouri

An out-of-state seller’s sales of products fulfilled by a third-party warehouse in Missouri were subject to Missouri sales tax.

Drop Shipments: Taxation, Compliance and Planning

Drop Shipments: Taxation, Compliance and Planning by Diane Yetter helps sales and use tax professionals sift through the tangle of state rules related to multi-party drop-shipment transactions.

Company’s Sales for Resale to Subsidiary Don’t Require Registration and Collection of Virginia Sales Tax

A company with no operations or physical presence in Virginia is not required to register or collect sales tax on sales for resale it makes to a subsidiary.

Sales Tax FAQs

Explore commonly asked questions about sales and use tax. A great starting place to learn about fundamental sales tax concepts and general applications to business.

Drop Shipments: What Makes Sales Tax So Difficult?

To help you understand some of the main issues related to drop shipments, we’ve assembled some fundamentals and FAQs.