Value Added Tax

British Columbia Supreme Court Rules Amazon Web Services Not Subject to PST

Supreme Court of British Columbia ruled to Canadian social media company Hootsuite that certain Amazon Web Services (AWS) technical support and cloud products are not classified as software programs, and therefore are not subject to British Columbia’s 7% provincial sales tax.

European Union Rolls Out New Rules to Simplify VAT Collection for Cross-Border Online Sellers

Effective July 1, 2021 the European Union has updated its value added tax collection requirements for e-commerce sellers. These rule updates concern all sellers making remote business to customer sales in the EU, whether from an EU member state or from another country.

Selling Abroad? July 1 Sales Tax Changes in Canada and the European Union You Should Know

Get the details on big changes effective in both Canada and the European Union as of July 1, 2021 to adapt and modernize tax regimes in light of the global e-commerce landscape.

VAT Terminology 101

Do you speak VAT? You know, Value Added Tax! Here in the U.S., sales tax is the name of the game, but in most countries around the world, VAT (or GST, IVA, TVA, IPI, ICMS, ISS among other acronyms) is…

Surprising Tax Facts About Doing Business in Canada

Canada’s tax system operates in a very different fashion from the U.S. There are many reasons why taxpayers need to understand these differences and how Canada operates in regard to taxes.

Are You Fluent in VAT?

The way that sales tax works in the United States is very different from how Value Added Tax (VAT) works.