Craig, Alaska Designated November 27, 2021 as a Sales Tax Free Day

Craig, Alaska’s upcoming sales tax holiday aims to give marketing opportunities to local merchants. 

The conditions for the sales tax holiday are as follows:

  1. “The promotion does not include the payment of rents and leases.
  2. All sales made on the tax-exempt day must be recorded like any other exempt sale, and the record from that day submitted with the businesses quarterly sales tax return.
  3. Sales are limited to stock on hand items only.
  4. Participation in the promotion by local merchants is voluntary.”

Please note that remote sellers will not be required to file any additional returns specific to this holiday. Any sales exempted under this holiday may be reported with your normal November or 4th quarter filing through the Commission. Participation in this holiday is voluntary for both local businesses and remote sellers. (City of Craig, Resolution No. 21-10, effective November 27, 2021)

Posted on October 13, 2021