Kansas Enacts 2010 Tax Amnesty Program.

Kansas has enacted a tax amnesty program for delinquent payment of certain taxes administered by the Department of Revenue. The tax groups covered are sales, income, withholding, privilege, severance, estate, liquor, cigarette, and tobacco products. Amnesty applies only to unpaid tax liabilities for tax periods ending on or before December 31, 2008. The amnesty period began September 1, 2010 and will run through October 15, 2010. Interest and penalties will be dismissed if the tax liability is paid within this period. Certain liabilities that exist on or after September 1, 2010 are not eligible for amnesty including any audits in progress or already assessed. Participants in the amnesty program will relinquish all administrative and judicial rights of appeal in regard to the tax liability. Any tax payments received in relation to the amnesty program are not eligible for refund or credit. Payments of penalties or interest made before September 1, 2010 are not eligible for amnesty. (S.B. 572, Laws 2010, effective as noted; E-mail, Kansas Department of Revenue, August 12, 2010). (9/10)

Posted on September 13, 2010