Louisiana special session held in March.

Governor Kathleen Blanco has called a special session of the Louisiana Legislature, starting on March 7, 2004 and set to adjourn on March 23, 2004. The regular session will begin on March 29, 2004. Many tax issues are slated to be discussed during this special session, including: (1) phasing out the sales tax on manufacturing machinery and equipment; (2) eliminating the sales tax on residential gas for cooking and heating; (3) extending the state sales tax refund program that applies to retail purchases made by international visitors; and (4) extending several Louisiana sales and use tax exemptions slated to expire in 2004 and future fiscal years. (Proclamation No. 7 KBB 2004, Governor Kathleen Blanco, March 1, 2004.)

Posted on April 15, 2004