Michigan Announces New Online Filing System

Michigan has announced that beginning January 2015, current-year sales, use and withholding tax returns may be filed using a new online system, Michigan Treasury Online (MTO). Beginning January 2015, all taxpayers are required to file a return regardless of how payments are made and regardless of whether tax is due. Previously, taxpayers paying via EFT were not required to file a separate return. Due to the availability of e-file options, beginning with tax year 2015, SUW forms and instructions will no longer be mailed. Tax returns for 2015 using a 4% sales tax rate must be filed using MTO. Paper filing of returns that include a 4% sales tax rate will not be allowed in tax year 2015 and beyond. Forms have also been revised and renumbered. Current sales tax licenses are valid until September 30, 2015. Once expired, new licenses will NOT be mailed but can be accessed and printed from MTO. Michigan (ME) account numbers will be discontinued effective September 30, 2015 and all returns should be filed under the entities FEIN or Treasury (TR) number. The system will accept multiple returns representing different locations for the same registration number. Filing can continue through E-File Treasury approved commercial or proprietary software or taxpayers can use the state’s MTO website. (Sales, Use, and Withholding Taxes 2015, Michigan Department of Treasury, December 9, 2014)

Posted on February 17, 2015