Michigan Use Tax on Select Services Repealed

Governor Jennifer Granholm signed HB 5408 on December 1, 2007. This law creates a business tax surcharge that replaces the service tax originally set under HB 5198. The law to repeal the use tax on select services was signed just hours after the original law went into effect. Services originally targeted included: consulting services, office administration services, business service center services, investment advice services, landscaping services, travel and reservation services, carpet/upholstery cleaning services, warehousing and storage services, packaging and labeling services, specialized design services, courier and messenger services, janitorial services and certain personal and personal care services. The new law, effective December 1, 2007, provides that businesses that charged and collected the 6% use tax on services, before the law was repealed on December 1st, can either refund that money to the purchaser/user of the service or remit the revenue to the State of Michigan when the first Use Tax payment is due. (H.B. 5408, December 1, 2007, Michigan Department of Revenue)

Posted on December 3, 2007